Saturday, May 19, 2012

I thought I was really good at keeping secrets, but not telling anyone about our little sprout is killing me!

I told Corey on Mother’s Day that I was pregnant, but we decided to wait a week to tell our families.  This has been one long week!  

Our families have been pressuring us to have kids since we got married.  (That is three years of "When are you going to make us grandparents?" and "I want a nephew!")  Except from my mom.  She told us we had to wait until she graduated and got a job.  Sorry mom.  

We had dinner with our families on Mother’s Day, and trying to keep my mouth shut all night just about killed me.  The entire dinner conversation centered on trying to convince us to go ahead and have a baby already.  We heard things like 

"There should be three moms at this table."


"We would babysit all the time."


"I need to get a mini van to carry around all my future grand babies."

Little did they know one was already on the way.  ;)

Do you know how hard it is to keep a secret this big when you talk to your mom every day?  And when every time you see your bother he not-so-subtly hints that he wants a niece or nephew?  I am so glad the wait is almost over.  We are finally going to tell our families tomorrow!

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