Telling Our Families

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

We finally told our families on Sunday. 

Both of our Dad’s have been pushing for us to have them over for a cookout.  We were supposed to have both of our families over last Father’s Day to use our new grill, patio, and patio furniture.  Almost a year later, we finally have the patio furniture put together and ready to use.  So we invited our parents, brothers, and sister over for a cookout.  At least they thought that was why they were coming over. ;)

After church, they all came over for hot dogs, burgers, lemonade, and banana pudding.  After we had all gathered outside around the table, and all the food was ready, I asked Corey to bless the food.  After thanking God for the opportunity to have everyone together and thanking Him for the food, Corey ended the blessing with

“…and thank you for the new addition to our family  that will be coming.  Amen.”

We looked up and my mom started balling.  My mother-in-law screamed.  It took a minute for the men to figure out what just happened.  Then there were LOTS of tears, smiles, and hugs.   No one in our family expected such wonderful news.  They all thought they were going to have to wait another two years for a baby.

After the initial shock wore off, we got to eat the yummy food Corey cooked.  The conversation for the rest of the day centered on baby things.  And fussing at me for ‘lying’ to everyone for a week. 

No one was happy when I told them they had to keep this a secret for at least another five weeks, but they promised they would do their best.  They are each so excited that they are busting at the seams to tell everyone they know that they are going to be a grandpa, grandma, aunt, or uncle.

I can already tell that this little sprout is going to be loved and spoiled beyond belief.  This little one is so lucky to have such a wonderful family!

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