Dear Sprout,

Thursday, June 28, 2012
One thing you will learn about me is that I am a planner.  I like to plan for things and I like to plan early.  As soon as I found out you were coming, I started planning.  I have made list after list of what we need to do and buy before you get here in January.  I have researched nursery furniture, picked out your crib, and looked at strollers and car seats.

I think we are finally out of the planning stage and are into the preparing stage.  This past weekend we went shopping for furniture for your nursery.  We went by a little thrift/antique store and got your dresser and changing table.  I am so excited that we have finally started getting things ready for you.  I also bought something for a wall in your nursery.  I can't wait until we get everything ready for you.  I am glad we still have a while to go though.  We have a lot to do to get ready for your arrival!

I love you little one!


10 Weeks

Sunday, June 24, 2012
My baby bump at 10 weeks from the side:

And from the front:

Total Weight Gain: Lost 5 lbs so far.  (no change this week)

Maternity Clothes: I have a pair of maternity shorts that I have pulled out a few times.  Other than that, I have just been wearing a BeBand with my regular pants.

Sleep: Still pretty good.

Movement: Not feeling any movement, but we saw our little sprout wiggle on our ultrasound last week.

Boy or Girl?  Still don't know.

Food Cravings: I still only want to eat bland things and cold fruity Icees and freezer pops.

Food Aversions:  Still red meat.  (actually, pretty much any kind of meat.  I can only eat a bite or two and I'm done.)

What I Miss: I am just ready to eat like a normal person again.

Size of Baby:  Prune (1.5 inches)

Baby's Development:  Baby has started taking a more human shape now.  Bones and cartilage of started to form, and small indentations on the legs have started to develop into knees and ankles.  Baby's arms can flex already.

Best Part of this Week:  Where to begin?!  Seeing our little one had to be the best.  We got to see the flutter of his or her little heartbeat.  We even got to see our little sprout wiggle some.  Then we got to tell everyone.  It was so much fun sharing the news!

What I'm Looking Forward To:  Not related to this pregnancy, but I am looking forward to going to the beach in about 3 weeks!  We always have so much fun, and I will get to see family and friends that I don't get to see very often.

And for your viewing pleasure...Corey and his pregnancy poses:

Dear Sprout,

Thursday, June 21, 2012
This has been such an exciting week!  Daddy and I finally got to see you and your little heartbeat!  We went to the doctor on Monday to have our first ultrasound.  I nearly cried when the doctor turned the screen so that we could see you.  You are so tiny, but we immediately saw your little heart beating so strong.  You even wiggled a few times for us.

I love knowing that you really are with us and growing.  Any doubts that I had are gone.  God has created you and is already working to make you a perfect little baby.

The doctor gave us two pictures of you.  I think I spent hours after we left the doctor's office just looking at you in those little pictures.  Your Daddy said I never stopped smiling.  We love you so much little sprout, and love you more and more every day!  I can't wait until the day I get to hold you in my arms.  But for now, keep growing healthy and strong.


Telling Everyone

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Originally, I planned to wait until the end of my first trimester to share the news with the world.  I wanted to make sure that we had the smallest chance possible of something happening before we told.

Then, when I saw how excited our families were and how ready they were to share the news, I decided we would tell at 10 weeks.  I figured at that point, chances of something happening are pretty low.  And, if something did happen, I would want the support of friends and family.

Then this past Monday we went to the doctor and got to see our little sprout.  Once I saw that little heartbeat and saw our little one wiggle, I knew I couldn’t wait any longer.  It finally felt real enough to tell everyone.  So as we left the doctor’s office, I called my mom to let her know that she could start telling family and friends.  Then we called Corey’s mom and my dad and told them the same thing.  Corey and I called and emailed friends and Corey went back to work and told everyone there.

After all of our close friends and family had heard the news, I announced to Facebook.  Let me explain this.  I very rarely post anything to Facebook.  I usually logon, look at my news feed, and log off.  But my brother Travis, posts everything on Facebook.  And ever since we told him that he was going to be an uncle over a month ago, he has had to sit on his hands to avoid posting something about this baby.  I figured if some of my friends, even if they aren’t close friends, were going to hear about our news through Facebook it should at least come from me.  So as soon as we had called everyone we needed to call, I posted this to Facebook

Now everyone knows.  Travis could post as much as he wanted about the new baby coming to our family.  (By the way, he keeps telling everyone that HE is having a baby.)  I am glad he, and everyone else, is so excited.

I am glad that everyone finally knows.  No more secrets!

Love At First Sight

Monday, June 18, 2012
We finally got to see our little sprout!

Corey and I left work early today and went to the doctor's office for a chance to finally see our little one.  We got there, signed in, and waited.  Those few minutes seemed to last forever!  i feel like we had already waited so long for this day, and I couldn't wait any longer.

The nurse called us back after only about 15 minutes (it seemed way longer than that).  She weighed me (always my favorite part of going to the doctor) and then left us in the exam room.  I put on that silly hospital gown and then we waited...again.

After what seemed like an eternity, the doctor came in.  He introduced himself and asked if I had any questions.  Of course I didn't.  I never have any questions and I've done A LOT of research about being pregnant.

Then it was time for what Corey and I had been waiting for.  Dr. H turned the screen toward us and we saw our baby for the very first time.  Then we saw a little flicker of a heartbeat.  At that moment, all my fears vanished.  I really am pregnant!  We are going to have a baby!

Dr. H verified that there is only one little on in there (sorry twins) and then started measuring.  That tiny little heart was beating at 167 BPM.  Our little sprout measured 2.19 cm from crown to rump.  Our little one even wiggled a few times for us!  I can't believe our something that little could actually look like a baby.

Dr. H confirmed our estimated due date of January 20th and printed these two pictures for us.  I think I sat and stared at those little pictures for the longest time.  Corey said the smile never left my face.  I was so happy that we finally have proof of our little baby!  I love our little sprout so much already!

9 Weeks

Sunday, June 17, 2012
Total Weight Gain: Lost 5 lbs so far.  (I lost 3 lbs this past week.)

Maternity Clothes: Not yet...but I am wearing a BeBand on occasion.

Sleep: Still pretty good.

Movement: Not yet; it's still too early.

Boy or Girl?  It is still way to early to find out.

Food Cravings: No real lasting cravings.  There was one day this week when all of a sudden I wanted chocolate milk.  Corey picked some up for me after work, and it was amazing!

Food Aversions:  red meat

What I Miss: Cheeseburgers...I really miss cheeseburgers.

Size of Baby:  Green Olive (about 1 inch)

Baby's Development:  Baby has moved from the embryonic stage to the fetal period.  Baby's head has straightened out and is more fully developed; the ears are more prominent and some new organs (liver, spleen, and gallbladder) are forming.  Baby is also making spontaneous movements of his or her arms and legs now.

Best Part of this Week:  This week has been a good week overall.  Corey and I are getting used to the idea that I am pregnant and are both really excited!  I love hearing Corey talk to the baby and say how ready he is to tell everyone.

What I'm Looking Forward To:  Our first ultrasound.  I can't wait to see our little sprout's heartbeat tomorrow!

Dear Sprout,

Thursday, June 14, 2012
I cannot believe that you have been growing now for nearly nine weeks!  That means that Daddy and I will finally get to hear your little heartbeat soon!  Monday we will go to the doctor to make sure you are growing healthy and strong.  I feel like I have been waiting to see you for so long!

Then, after we know that all is well with you, we are going to tell everyone about you.  Your daddy and grandparents are busting at the seams to tell everyone they meet that you will be joining our family.  And you are already making my tummy look a little bigger, so I am going to have to start telling everyone about you anyway...before they guess on their own.

This next week should be pretty exciting for everyone.  Seeing you, hearing your heartbeat, and seeing the looks on the faces of all our family and friends when we share our good news with them.  I love you so much little one, and I can't wait to have proof that you are growing and to tell everyone about you!  Keeping growing healthy and strong.


8 Weeks

Sunday, June 10, 2012
Total Weight Gain: Lost 2 lbs. so far.  No weight gain or loss this past week.

Maternity Clothes: Nope, but I have pulled out my BeBand a few times.

Sleep: Still pretty good.

Movement: Not yet; it's still too early.

Boy or Girl?  It is still way to early to find out.

Food Cravings: No real cravings exactly, but I pretty much only want to eat bland or salty foods.

Food Aversions:  red meat

What I Miss: Cheeseburgers and not feeling sick.

Size of Baby:  Raspberry (.5 inches)

Baby's Development:  A close up view would reveal a more baby-like appearance.  You'd see an upper lip forming, the protruding tip of that cute button nose, and tiny eyelids.  Baby's fingers and toes are differentiating now too.

Best Part of this Week:  No real milestones or exciting events this past week.  I feel like I am just doing a lot of waiting right now.

What I'm Looking Forward To:  Our first ultrasound.  I can't wait to see our little sprout's heartbeat!  Only one more week!

7 Weeks

Sunday, June 3, 2012
Total Weight Gain:  lost 2 lbs.  (Everything I have read says that this is normal during the first trimester.  I am eating a lot healthier, and there is very little that I actually want to eat.)

Maternity Clothes: nope

Sleep:  Great!  Still having crazy dreams though.

Movement:  Not yet; it's still too early.

Boy or Girl?  Still too early to find out.

Food Cravings: None yet.

Food Aversions:  red meat

What I Miss:  Cheeseburgers...maybe they will sound good again soon.

Size of Baby:  Blueberry (.25 inches)

Baby's Development:  The biggest fetal growth over the past weeks has been baby's head.  new brain cells are being generated at the rate of 100 cells per minute.  Baby's arm and leg buds have sprouted and are growing longer, dividing into hand, arm and shoulder segments - and leg, knee, and foot segments.  Baby's mouth and tongue have also started forming.  Baby has already done through three sets of kidneys, with the permanent set now in place.

Best Part of this Week:  No big milestones this week, but I am enjoying ready up on all things pregnancy and baby.

What I'm Looking Forward To:  Our first ultrasound.  I can't wait to see our little sprout's heartbeat!  Only two more weeks!

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