Dear Sprout,

Thursday, June 21, 2012
This has been such an exciting week!  Daddy and I finally got to see you and your little heartbeat!  We went to the doctor on Monday to have our first ultrasound.  I nearly cried when the doctor turned the screen so that we could see you.  You are so tiny, but we immediately saw your little heart beating so strong.  You even wiggled a few times for us.

I love knowing that you really are with us and growing.  Any doubts that I had are gone.  God has created you and is already working to make you a perfect little baby.

The doctor gave us two pictures of you.  I think I spent hours after we left the doctor's office just looking at you in those little pictures.  Your Daddy said I never stopped smiling.  We love you so much little sprout, and love you more and more every day!  I can't wait until the day I get to hold you in my arms.  But for now, keep growing healthy and strong.


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