12 Weeks

Sunday, July 8, 2012

My baby bump at 12 weeks from the side:

And from the front:

Total Weight Gain: Lost 6.5 lbs so far.  (No change this week.)

Maternity Clothes: I can officially no longer wear regular pants, unless they have an elastic waistband.  So, at this point, I am wearing mostly maternity pants with regular tops, skirts, or dresses.

Sleep: Pretty good, except for the middle of the night bathroom trips.

Movement: I'm sure our little sprout is wiggling, but he or she is still too small for me to feel anything.

Boy or Girl? We should find out in September.

Food Cravings: I haven't really had any cravings lately, but I am starting to eat like a normal person again.

Food Aversions: Not really anything.  Yay!!!

What I Miss: Nothing...I am loving being pregnant right now!

Size of Baby: Large Plum (2.5 inches long, weighs about .5 oz.)

Baby's Development: Baby is pretty much done with the task of developing new bodily structures and is entering the maintenance phase.  Over the past week, the fetal digestive system has started to practice contraction movements, a skill it will need after birth.  The pituitary gland has started producing hormones, and the bone marrow is now making white blood cells.

Best Part of this Week: Yesterday, Corey, Mom and I went to Buy Buy Baby to look at baby things.  We picked out the stroller, car seat, and pack n play.  It was so much fun looking at all the sweet little baby things!

What I'm Looking Forward To: My next appointment is Wednesday.  Hopefully, we will get to hear a little heartbeat!

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