16 Week Appointment

Thursday, August 9, 2012
Yesterday was my 16 week appointment with Dr. H.  Since this appointment was going to be just like the last one, I went by myself so that Corey wouldn't have to miss work.

This was my shortest appointment yet. I was in and out in 20 minutes.  This one was just as great (and nerve-racking) as the others.  I am always so nervous before any appointment that something will go wrong.  I guess that's normal though...and just the start of my worries as a mom.

Everything was perfect though.  Our Sprout had a heartbeat between 150 and 155.  Dr. H couldn't get a perfect number because our little one kept kicking.  It was so sweet to hear the little thumps of his or her kicks mixed in with the wonderful sound of that little heartbeat!

I also scheduled our next ultrasound.  September 4th we will get to see our little one again and find out if Sprout will be a he or a she.

I can't wait!

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