19 Weeks

Sunday, August 26, 2012

My baby bump at 19 weeks from the side:

And from the front:

Total Weight Gain: I gained another .5 lbs this week!  I'm still down 6 lbs so far, but at least I'm starting to gain weight.

Movement:  I definitely felt some little kicks this week.  I am feeling them several times every day now!

Boy or Girl? Only 9 more days before we find out!

Food Cravings: Nothing new, I just want lots of sweets.

How I'm Feeling: Pretty great!  I love being pregnant so far!  

Size of Baby: Mango (6 in, .5 lbs)

Baby's Development:  Arms and legs are finally in proportion, neurons are now connected between the brain and muscles, and cartilage throughout the body is turning to bone.  All these upgrades combine to give baby more control over limb movements.

Best Part of this Week: Feeling those first little kicks!  I love knowing that our little one is moving around in there.  I can't help myself from smiling every time I feel a kick!

What I'm Looking Forward To: Seeing our little one again!

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