26 Weeks

Monday, October 15, 2012

My baby bump at 26 weeks from the side:

And from the front:

Total Weight Gain: I gained 2 pounds this week.  Maybe I should cut back on the pasta. :)  At least I'm back up to my pre-pregnancy weight!

Movement:  I didn't think I would, but I still get excited every time I feel Cullen move.  I am going to miss feeling those little kicks and wiggles when I have to share him with the world.

Boy or Girl? Boy!

Food Cravings: I have decided that I have not really been having any cravings; I just want to eat what I hear other people talking about.  And I would really like a Bloomin' Onion.  Somebody needs to convince Corey to take me to Outback soon!

How I'm Feeling: It seems to change every day.  One day I will hardly feel pregnant at all with no limitations.  The next day I can feel like a beached whale and can't get off the couch.  It is amazing how much I miss the little bit of core strength I used to have.  Sometimes I will wake up feeling great after a restful night sleep, and other mornings I wake up feeling like I just finished running a marathon and slept on a concrete floor.  Not that I know what running a marathon feels like, but I can imagine.   

Size of Baby: Eggplant (9 in, 2 lbs)  

Baby's Development:  Baby's eyes are beginning to open.  Unfortunately, he doesn't have much of a view right now.  His brain wave activity is kicking in at this stage too.  Not only can he hear noises, but he can now also respond to them with an increase in pulse rate or activity.

Best Part of this Week: We started painting the nursery on Saturday!  (And by 'we' I mean Corey and my parents.)  

What I'm Looking Forward To: Showers, finishing the nursery, and childbirth classes.  I feel like these next three months are going to fly by!

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