34 Weeks

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My baby bump at 34 weeks from the side:

And from the front:

Total Weight Gain: I am up a total of 14.5 lbs. (I gained about 4.5 lbs this week. Aaahhhhhh!!!)

Movement:  I am still surprised at how much room Cullen still must have to move around.  I am still feeling his wiggles and kicks all day.  (Or maybe he is really squished and is just trying to make more room.)  He was really moving in church on Sunday.  Mom and I were mesmerized by my rolling belly.  Sorry to everyone we distracted with our giggles! 

Boy or Girl? Boy!!!

Food Cravings: Corey and I finally went to Outback to get a Bloomin' Onion.  It was so yummy!  And one night Corey made a late night McDonald's run to get me an M&M McFlurry and some fries.  He is such a good hubby!

How I'm Feeling: I've finally gotten over the cold from last week.  But, back pain seems to have set in permanently.  Sitting at a desk all day is torture.  I just want to lay down, but it is difficult to get any work done that way.  My feet have started to swell every afternoon too.  The swelling usually goes down as soon as I can get home and put my feet up, but I am not a fan of sausage toes and cankles. :(

Also, I am running out of clothes that fit.  The support bands on my pants are too tight and my shirts are too short.  I wish yoga pants and over-sized t-shirts were socially acceptable work attire.  Only five more weeks of work before Cullen gets here though, so I can probably make it.

Overall though, I still feel great.  No major complaints.  This pregnancy has been a breeze so far, and I have loved every minute of it.

Size of Baby: Pineapple (19 - 22 in, 4.9 lbs) 

Baby's Development:  Baby could be as tall as 20 inches right now and about five pounds!  That growth is the only big change this week.  Also, baby's fingernails now reach the end of the fingertips and may even curl over the tip.

Best Part of this Week: We had our Childbirth Preparation class at the hospital last Monday.  Corey and I really learned a lot and feel a lot more confident about labor and delivery.  I can do this.

Also, it always makes my day when I overhear people talking about my belly.  At home depot this weekend, I heard a couple of ladies talking about how pregnant I am and how good I look.  One day at work this week, I passed a couple of students in the hall and heard one say "Aww, look at her cute belly."  Every pregnant woman should get to hear things like that.  Makes me feel great, especially on days when I feel like a whale!

What I'm Looking Forward To: We have our last class this week.  We will have a chance to learn and practice different pain management techniques for labor and delivery.  I am excited about being so close to needing to use what we are learning!

I also have another shower on Sunday!  I am super excited about spending time with friends and family (and of course seeing lots of cute baby things!)

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