Three Months

Monday, April 22, 2013
I cannot believe this little cutie is three months old already!  I say it every month, but he is growing so fast.  I am afraid to look away from him; I might miss something.  Needless to say, it has been a while since I have gotten anything done around the house.  Oh well, he is only this age once, right?

I had a hard time picking just a few pictures to post this month.  The faces he makes are priceless!

How could you not love that sweet little face?

We didn't see the doctor this month, so I'm not quite sure what he weighs.  I tried to measure him last week, and based on my amateur measuring skills, it looks like he has grown another inch and is about 24 3/4" long.  No wonder his pants are turning into high waters...time to move up a size!

We are going to be in trouble when Cullen starts moving.  He is already trying to sit up all the time.  He should have some pretty awesome baby abs with all the sit-ups he attempts these days.  Most of the time, he will fuss if you lay him down; he wants to sit up and look at everything!  (Including the TV.  I cannot tell you how many times this weekend I caught him sitting in someone's lap starring at the television.  I can't believe I'm having to fuss at him already!)

A few weeks ago, Cullen rolled over from his back to his stomach.  He hasn't done it since, but I'm sure we are close to him rolling over more often.  He tries to flip over every time he's on his tummy, but hasn't quite figured it out just yet.

If this little ball of fun isn't asleep he is staring at or talking to something.  He loves to look at patterns, especially whatever is on your shirt and the frame wall in our den.  And he is fascinated by his feet!  If they are anywhere near his line of sight, he stares at them with a quizzical look as if he's thinking, "what are you, and what do you do?"  He was wearing footie pajamas one night and started talking to the monkeys on his feet.  I'm telling you, this kid will talk to anything: you, his toys, his feet, the couch.  Anything he can look at is worth talking to.  I love listening to all of his 'ah-goos' and almost giggles.  

This past week, Cullen has started paying more attention to our puppy, Macey.  He looks at her like she is the best toy ever and he can't wait to get his hands on her.  Macey on the other hand, is not quite as interested as she used to be.  With his constantly moving arms and legs, she gets hit and kicked fairly often...I don't think she's a fan.  I can't wait to see how they react as he gets older.

I feel so blessed to get to be the mother of this wonderful little boy!

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  1. He's blessed to have you as his mommy too!


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