Instagram Friday

Friday, June 21, 2013
Here is a snapshot of what Cullen has been up to the past two weeks.

Trying out some oatmeal.  "'s okay."

Helping me read a bedtime story. Tawny Scrawny Lion

Reading by himself.  Farm animals are very interesting.

Cruising in style.

Bonding with his Uncle Travi.

Worn out after a family cookout.  Sporting mustaches in honor of Father's Day.

Squash fresh from the garden. Yum!

Squash is finger lickin' good!

"And where is my BBQ plate?"

Thoroughly enjoying peaches from a local orchard!

Five Months

Can you believe it?  

I think Cullen weighs about 15 pounds now.  He is growing, growing, growing!  He changes everyday.  I love watching what he will do next!

What Cullen's Up To Now:

As you probably know, we started solid foods this month.  We tried oatmeal first...Cullen is not really a fan, so we gave up on that for now.  A couple of days ago we tried squash.  Fresh from GG and Papa G's garden.  Day 1 of squash: unimpressed.  Day 2 of Squash: He loved it!  He kept pulling the spoon to his mouth for more!  After another day or two of squash, we will try peaches...fresh from the local orchard.

Cullen is almost sitting on his own!  He will for about 5 seconds or so before he falls sideways or forward.  

Reaching for what he wants.  Well...not really reaching.  More leaning his whole body in the direction of what he wants.  (Which is probably part of why he falls on his face after sitting for more than a few seconds.)

What Cullen Likes:

Talking/Squealing.  His newest thing is to screech velociraptor-style.  At first it is adorable and hilarious.  Then it is kind of obnoxious because it is very difficult to carry on a conversation with that going on.  (Silly boy already knows he is the center of everyone's attention and apparently intends to keep it that way at all times.)

Bath time!  This is quite a change from last month. Until about a week ago, Cullen just sat in the water with a look on his face that said "I'm a boy.  Boys don't bathe.  Get me out of here."  Now, he has discovered the bath toys and is content to chew on a crab and kick his feet in the water.

Eating people.  If Cullen can get to your face, the first thing he is going to do is chew on your nose.  It is hilarious!

The remote.  It is his favorite thing to hold/look at/talk to.  (He has a remote that is his very own at my parents' house.)  My mom sent me this picture a few days ago:

I love how much fun it is to be around this cutie these days.  He's not that cuddly little newborn anymore, but he has so much personality for such a little person!


Sunday, June 9, 2013
We attempted feeding Cullen oatmeal for the second time tonight. It went a lot better than our first attempt, but Cullen is still very unsure about the whole thing. 


Instagram Friday

Friday, June 7, 2013
Some of you have already seen these pictures via either Instagram or Facebook.  For those of you who do not get to have your news feeds filled with this adorable little face (Because lets face it, I only see social media as a way to share my cutie with the world.  Yep...I'm that mom.) here are pictures from this past week.

Practicing in the highchair and playing with his spoon.

We wore him out shopping.  Look at him snuggling with that fox!

Loves tummy time now!

Snuggled in my arms when I should have been doing laundry.

Cullen loves his Daddy!

Four Months

Wednesday, June 5, 2013
At his 4 month well check, Cullen weighed 13 pounds, 8 ounces and was 26 inches long.  This boy is long and skinny!  But he is finally starting to get some adorable little leg rolls...I love them!(Based on our scale at home, he is now about 14 1/2 pounds...only about 2 weeks later.  That is some serious growing!) 

What Cullen is doing these days:

Rolling from front to back.  I was home from work with him one day and he flipped about 10 times in a row.  I'm glad I thought to take a video of it, because he didn't flip for Corey until about a week and a half later.  Apparently Cullen does not do things on demand; he will do them on his own time.

Laughing out loud.  This is my new favorite!  The things that make him laugh the most are zerberts on his belly and lots of kisses on his neck.  He definitely ticklish like his mommy.  He starts laughing if it even looks like I'm going to get near his neck.  Silly boy!

'Talking' All. The. Time.  Just like his Daddy. ;) Seriously.  Between Cullen and Corey, I don't think I'll ever get a word in again.  He babbles on and on; sometimes like he's telling you something funny that happened earlier, and sometimes like there are some serious issues that need to be taken care of and this is no time for'd better listen to what he has to say.  

Nursing like a pro.  We had some issues in the beginning and were pretty confident I was just going to have to pump and bottle feed for a year.  (Which wasn't the most convenient, but at least he was getting my milk.)  About a month ago though, something clicked and Cullen figured it out.  Leaving the house is so much easier now!

Putting everything in his mouth.  Toys, books, blankets, bibs, fingers, arms...   If he can get it to his mouth, he is going to chew on it.  And he drools everywhere.  We go through at least 3 bibs a day, usually more.  Early stages of teething?  Or just experiencing new things?

What Cullen likes:

Flying super hero style.  It amazes me how quickly he can go from fussing to laughing when Corey lifts him in the air.  

Being naked.  As soon as the clothes and diaper come off, he flashes the biggest grin he can.  He loves it!

Looking at pictures.  Of people he knows, people he doesn't know, and especially himself.  i think I'm going to make him a book of pictures to look at.

Sitting and standing.  If Cullen is awake, he wants to be sitting up.  If you try to lay him down, he does sit-ups and gets all red-faced.  I can't believe how close he is to being able to sit on his own.

Tummy Time.  Now that he can roll over, Cullen actually enjoys being on his tummy again!

What Cullen doesn't like:

Baths.  He doesn't cry or anything, but he is definitely not amused.  We try to make it fun with toys and splashing, but he is just not a fan yet.

Burping.  He hates it.  Most of the time, I don't even try. 

Once again, I am amazed at how quickly time flies!  Pretty soon, we will be attempting solid foods...I feel like that is a huge step!  I hate to be 'that mom', but he is growing up way too fast!  I love how much fun we have together, though!

Bonus:  Look at this cutie in his hat and shades!

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