Go Tigers!

Saturday, August 31, 2013
Tonight, Cullen got to experience his first Clemson football game, and I think he is already a fan.  He loved watching the game (especially the pretty cheerleaders.) And he looks pretty darn cute in Clemson orange!

I didn't get any pictures of him watching the Clemson game, but I did take a few pictures of him on his football blanket earlier in the day.

I only got a couple of pictures where he was actually looking at the camera.  The rest of the time he was trying to crawl away...

or watching whatever game was on TV at the time.

He had the same reactions as any other man watching a football game.  Tears...

confusion and concern...

anxious anticipation...

Overall, I think Cullen really enjoyed his first day of football!


A Day At The Zoo

Sunday, August 25, 2013
Cullen got to go to the zoo for the first time yesterday. I had to drag Corey there since he was convinced this zoo trip was for me and Cullen would never remember it.  In the end though we all had a blast.  Cullen loved the big animals, and Corey had just as much fun.

Exhibit one...beautiful elephants!

Amazed at the elephants!

One of the primates...Cullen was not impressed.

Cullen's reaction to the vultures. I agree...those are some big scary looking birds.

Watching the giraffes with Daddy.

Watching the giraffes with Mommy.

The daddy giraffe.  I think this was Cullen's favorite animal at the zoo!

Sleepy lions.

It's OK Cullen.  Those lions can't get you.

Gorgeous Toucan!

He made it about halfway through the zoo before passing out.

Look who woke up just in time for the farm animals! (He was looking at the pig here, but it would not cooperate for a picture.)

OK.  This was Cullen's favorite part of the zoo. Silly boy!

Seven Months

Saturday, August 24, 2013
That's right, this little cutie pie is seven months old already! 

No doctor visit this month, so we don't have an official weight or height.  But, I think he weighs about 19 pounds and is 28 inches long.  Growing like a weed!

Look at all of that personality!  Cullen is so much fun these days.  Corey and I have so much fun playing with this silly boy after work and on the weekends. So what does this little boy like to do?

Chewing on toys, books, fingers, his toes.  Basically whatever he can get in his mouth. (He has even gotten his hands on a few dog toys recently...eww!)

Playing Patty Cake.  For some reason, he loves when you clap your hands.  He puts his hands on yours like he is trying to help and laughs as loud as he can.  I love it!

Swimming.  Cullen loves the pool.  He doesn't really like being in the pool float we got for him, but he loves being held on his tummy so he can splash and kick his feet.

Playing in the bath.  Notice a trend?  After coming back from the beach, this little boy loves the water!  He loves playing with his bath toys and splashing, and he now screams when you take him out of the tub.  So bath time is fun, ending bath time is not!

Trying to crawl and pull up.  He spends a lot of time moving from sitting to his tummy and then getting frustrated because no matter how hard he tries he cannot go forward.  He has been able to push himself backward some, but he can't quite get his legs and arms to move together without plunging his face to the floor.  He is getting close though.  I think we will have a mobile baby before long.  He is also getting close to being able to pull himself up.  He has an activity table that he tries to pull up on to get to the toys. And if he is sitting in your lap, he holds onto your arms and tries to stand up.  He gets himself about halfway up before falling back on his tush.  I don't think I am ready for Cullen to be standing and crawling just yet.

This seven month old now has two teeth!  His bottom front teeth first popped through about two weeks ago.  I can't even describe the cuteness of those little teeth!

Can you tell someone got his hands on the chalkboard again?  I think I had to rewrite it three times to get this month's pictures.  And I had help from Corey!  This little boy is a mess!

Our Vacation In Pictures

Friday, August 23, 2013
About a month ago, we got back from Cullen's first beach trip.  We had a blast!

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