Apple Pickin'

Monday, September 30, 2013
Happy Fall!!! (I know it's been fall for about a week now, but it is finally starting to feel like it!) One of my favorite things about fall is apples!  Apple slices, apple pie, apple cider, caramel apples! Yum!  And in recent years we have made picking apples a little tradition.  We got to take Cullen on his first apple picking trip yesterday.

We had such a great time wandering through the orchard, sampling the apples, and looking for the best ones to take home.

We got to try a few new varieties that were pretty delicious!

And saw some pretty amazing mountain views.  Look at this adorable mountain home!

I think Cullen really had a great time!  Just look at that smile!

He wanted to eat the apples straight off the tree.  Not yet sir.

We did cut off a few bites of apple for him.  Apparently it was a little tart.  

And what is a trip to the apple orchard without a little wagon fun?

We took home sooo many yummy apples.  We are excited for all the apple pies these will make!

And we had to check out the pumpkins!  It is almost October after all.

I love that this has become such a fun tradition and can't wait for Cullen to really enjoy it as he gets older.  I'm sure we will make at least one more trip to the apple orchard before the end of the season.  

Instagram Friday

Friday, September 27, 2013
Here is a little glimpse of what we have been up to the past couple of weeks:

I have been teaching Cullen how to give Eskimo Kisses.  He laughs and laughs!

We finally got the baby gate put up to contain this wild child.  We got this gate and love it so far! It was super easy to install and extends up to 12 feet.  Perfect for keeping Cullen contained safely in the den.

This was the first time he realized he could not get to me if we were on opposite sides of the gate.  He is clearly not a fan of these new boundaries.

Since Cullen has been a difficult sleeper lately, I have really been enjoying my coffee.  I finally figured out how to make a good iced coffee at home!  (And everything tastes better from a mason jar.)

Look at that sweet face!  I am so in love with this sweet boy!  (I think I'm going to have to frame this one.)

He recently figured out how to dump the toy basket over.  No more pulling out just a few toys for him to play with.  He now likes to pull all of them out.  Which is so much more fun than actually playing with the toys!

Playing with his abacus.  Such a smart boy.  (What you can't see is that he was actually trying to use it to stand math was being used here.  Does anyone actually know how these work anyway?)

Look at those sweet baby toes!  This is how he spends most of his time...standing at the coffee table.

Eight Months

Saturday, September 21, 2013
A lot has changed over the past 8 months!  I looked at Cullen the other day and realized that he is definitely not my little baby anymore.  He has started to look and act more like a little boy.

Cullen's biggest milestone this month?  Crawling...or his version of it.  He doesn't really move his hands and knees at the same time.  He looks like a little inchworm.  Or, He moves on his hands and feet with his rear-end stuck up in the air.  I'm not sure that he will ever move in the traditional 'crawl'.  I have a feeling he will go from what he is doing now straight to walking.  While it may look kind of funny, this little boy can move! (Especially if he spots a dog toy or something else he is not supposed to have.)  There is no keeping up with him now.  I was changing his diaper before bed the other night and no sooner than when I got the wet diaper off, he rolled over and crawled halfway across the room.  Stark naked...and laughed the whole way.  Silly little boy!

He can also get to sitting from his tummy.  Yay!  No more frustration from being stuck on his belly.

Cullen is also getting pretty good at pulling up and climbing.  He tries to pull up using whatever he can get his hands on, and is doing pretty well with it.  Every person, chair, and toy has the potential of being a jungle gym.  We had to lower the mattress in his crib this week.

He is already getting into all kinds of trouble.  Like I've said already, we have to be on the lookout to keep the dog toys away from him.  (Macey does not help by bringing her toys to him to play with.  Isn't she sweet?)  He is now also pulling things down on top of him.  We have had to remove everything from the coffee table since he can reach it very easily.  (He got his first bruise under my watch last Sunday.  Mom of the year right here!)

Another new development over the past few weeks...loud noises are scary.  He jumps and clings onto the nearest person when I use the blender, vacuum, or start the car.  

Cullen also got his first cold this month.  I thought I was having some allergy issues until Cullen started having the same runny nose and sneezes.  Poor guy...he was miserable for a couple of days.  I think that was when he stopped sleeping so well at night.  I feel like I have a newborn again.  Since he was about two months old, we were getting at least 6 to 7 hours of sleep a night and more recently he was sleeping about 8 hours straight.  Now all of a sudden he is up at least twice every night.  If I could sleep in with him in the mornings I wouldn't mind so much...but this momma is exhausted!  Any ideas?  I'm hoping he will outgrow this quickly.

Right now, Cullen is eating about two 'solid' meals a day.  Usually breakfast and dinner, but I think he is about ready to add lunch.  He is still eating mostly purees.  We keep trying to introduce Puffs or chunks of food but he is a little hesitant.  (Anything else he finds goes right to his mouth, but for some reason he won't put food in his mouth.  Go figure.)  So far he has eaten two Puffs.  Macey has gotten about 20 Puffs.  I have a feeling the high chair is getting ready to be her new favorite hang-out.  So what is he eating?  Bananas, avocado, apples, pears, peaches, plums, summer squash, zucchini, sweet potato, carrots, parsnips, and green peas.  Still, the only thing he refuses to eat are green beans.  I think next we are going to try yogurt and hopefully start introducing more finger foods instead of purees.  He will figure it out when he's ready though.

And at 8 months, Cullen's unofficial measurements: 19.8 pounds and a little over 28 inches long

Did you notice the pictures are a little different this time?  Yeah...we tried.  Twice.  He was having none of it.  He refuses to sit still and is convinced the chalkboard is a toy.  I think someone is trying to teach me that I cannot control everything.  Oh well...we still got some pretty good pictures of this cutie!

Instagram Friday

Friday, September 6, 2013
If you follow me on Instagram, you have already seen these pictures.  But for those who don't, here is a peak at what we have been up to this week.

I got to spend time snuggling with this cutie last Saturday morning.  Look at that sweet face!

Cheering on the Tigers after their first touchdown!  He had so much fun watching the game last weekend!

Poor thing caught my cold.  We were sad that we had to miss church last Sunday, but we did get to have a lazy morning snuggling in PJs.

Hey look...a photo without Cullen! This is the yummy breakfast I got to eat while Corey and Cullen were napping early Monday morning.  It was the first time in a loooong time where I got to sit down to a real breakfast (not a granola bar or oatmeal out of a coffee mug at work.) I love these bagels, and I got to use one of the coffee bowls Corey got for me before we got married. (Coffee tastes a lot better out of a cute cup than a travel mug!)

Cullen loves books.  Not reading them so much yet.  Mostly chewing on them.  And pulling them all out so we can put them back up.

This was Wednesday night. At about 11:30.  When he refused to go to bed and was trying to crawl. (He is so close!)  I think he spent too much time cuddling in the nursery at church.  We can thank GiGi for that. ;)

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