Cullen's First Halloween

Thursday, October 31, 2013
I am not usually a big fan of Halloween.  It is just not my holiday of choice.  But having a little one definitely makes it more fun!  

Allow me to introduce Linus. Who, true to character, loves his pumpkin!

I started thinking about Cullen's first halloween costume almost as soon as he was born, but it took me until September to actually decide on a costume.  That was the difficult part...making the costume was pretty easy.  He already had the shorts and shoes.  I bought a blue blanket, painted black stripes on a red t-shirt, and found the perfect jack-o-lantern treat bag at Pottery Barn Kids.  At the last minute, I put together a 'Welcome Great Pumpkin' sign; a Linus costume would not be complete without it.

Corey, Cullen, and I started the night handing out candy. Cullen had a blast!  He kept reaching his hand into the bowl to take a handful of candy before we could give it to the trick-or-treaters.  Sorry Cullen, no candy yet.

Once things slowed down a little, we took Cullen to about three houses.  He couldn't not trick-or-treat on his first Halloween!  We really just wanted to show him off to our neighbors, but he got a few pieces of candy anyway.  He had way too much fun 'sorting' his candy when we got home.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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