Life with a 10 Month Old Boy

Monday, November 18, 2013
As of yesterday, Cullen is now 10 months old.  I should be posting his monthly update complete with stats and pictures, but that will have to wait until later.  Hopefully no later than the end of this week.

Why?  Because my sweet little boy has turned into a rambunctious little boy.  To keep your interest until I can get him to stay in one spot long enough to take a picture or two, I will share some of the most recent shenanigans that are keeping me from getting anything done.  

1.  I caught him feeding the dog.  Is he supposed to know how to do that already?  The other night, after eating his dinner, I left Cullen in his high chair with a teething wafer thinking it would give me a few minutes to clean up the kitchen.  I'm standing at the refrigerator with Cullen in the high chair behind me, and I hear little giggles.  Eating should not be that funny.  I turn around to see Cullen leaning over the side of his high chair and Macey standing on two legs trying to lick the teething wafer in his hand.  Then he proceeded to grin at me to try to feed it to her again after I told him NO.  

2. When I came home from work last Thursday Macey's blanket was no longer in her crate.  According to Corey, it had to be washed because Cullen decided to hold a McDonald's cup upside down over the crate and watch the drink come out through the straw.  Really?  

3.  On at least 3 occasions, he has managed to escape the baby blockade and dump over Macey's water bowl.  Up side?  That part of the floor has been mopped a few times. We have got to start making sure that gate is closed.

3. If you didn't know already, he has figured out how to turn the cable box off.  Then we turn it on again.  Then he laughs and turns it off again.  Best. Game. Ever.

4. Corey and I couldn't find the remote Saturday night.  After searching everywhere we would have put it, we found it in one of the cubbies in the sofa table.  So now, he is also hiding things.

5. He can crawl up the back of the couch to get onto the sofa table.

6. He likes to try to unplug lamps from the wall. I was not aware that baby proofing required removing everything from the room.

This is all within the past week. Did you sense a trend?  He is already blatantly defying me.  I tell him NO and he does it again and laughs.  How in the world am I going to survive the next 18 years?

I blame Corey for this.  From what I hear he was the same way.  At least we don't have a VCR for Cullen to shove a PB&J into.


  1. Yes, I guess it wasn't fair to curse you too Courtney when we told Corey you will have a son 10 times worse than you were! That wasn't fair to you, Im sure GiGi can be a witness, you never did any of this stuff!! The doctors say, they are exploring their territory. And let them learn, taste, feel! Well OK but then we wont have a house left!!! I love you all!


    1. Haha! He must be learning A LOT with all of the exploring he is doing these days! I really don't mind too much; I like watching him explore, but someone has to watch him at all times or there is no telling what he will get into! We love you too!


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