Eleven Months

Saturday, December 28, 2013
As I mentioned yesterday things have been a little crazy around here lately, so at almost two weeks late, I figured it was time to update you on this little eleven month old we have cruising around.

Some stats for this month:  

Right at eleven months, Cullen weighed about 25 1/2 pounds.  Not sure about height...I didn't even attempt that this month.

Cullen has five teeth and two more that are going to pop through any minute.  

Saying 'Mama', 'Dada', 'hey' and 'no'.  My mom swears she has heard him say 'GiGi'.  

This is more of a development in the past week, but Cullen is taking a few steps.  Usually just one or two then he decides crawling is easier, but he is definitely on the verge of walking.  For a little while now, he has been standing on his own.  It's funny when he is standing and you can see him trying to decide if he wants to take a step or sit and crawl.  Such tough decisions for a such a little boy.

Sorry this has been so short, but we have a lot going on with cleaning up after Christmas and planning a first birthday party! (Which I am super excited and sad about at the same time!)  So I will leave you with two more pictures of our big boy, and I am off to shop for party supplies. 

Side note, does everyone else have such a hard time getting their little one to sit still for more than two seconds? Getting a good picture of him is hard work!

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