Christmas: What Cullen Got

Sunday, January 5, 2014
Now that Cullen has had a chance to play with all of his gifts from Santa, Corey, and I, I thought I should share what he got and how he likes everything.

We knew that Cullen would be getting plenty of battery operated sound noise music making toys from other family members, so we stuck with quiet, mostly wooden toys.

1.  B. Zany Zoo Wooden Activity Cube This was definitely a hit!  It was the first thing Cullen went to when we got downstairs. (It was also the only one that was not wrapped, but I'm going to ignore that fact.)  He practically pushed the other packages out of the way and started playing.  Why did I get him anything else?  He loves playing with every part of this thing and sometimes the animals on it make him laugh out loud.  He loves anything with animals. 

2. Hape Shake and Match Shape Sorter Cullen loves to play with the shapes by themselves and help put them in the sorter.  As hard as he tries, he can't quite get the shapes in the holes yet.  But, after letting him attempt on his own, if I hold the shape over the hole, he pushes it down with one finger.  And you can tell he is so proud of himself!

3.  Hape First Pounder  Honestly, he is not quite sure what do with this one yet, but he loves carrying the little hammer around.  He will get it one day.

4. Herschel Supply Co. Settlement Kids Backpack Now that Cullen doesn't really need a lot with him when we leave the house, I thought it was time to trade in his diaper bag for a backpack.  This one is super cute for a little boy, and I hope he will be able to use it for preschool in a few years.

5.  Teepee.  Cullen loves hiding under tables and in the dog crate, so we thought it would be perfect for him to play in for years to come.  I love this one, but decided to attempt one on my own.  He hasn't gotten much play time with it yet because I just finished it.  I'm sure he is going to have lots of fun hiding and playing in there though.

His stocking was filled with a few other goodies: some snacks, a Boon snack ball, a Kid O Go Car to push around, and a t-shirt with a Boston Terrier on it (in honor of Macey) that I snagged on clearance from Target.

I'm actually a little late in posting this, since right after Christmas we had to start getting ready for Cullen's first birthday (more on that later.)  Hopefully now that all of the festivities are over, I can focus on more consistent and timely blogging (one of my goals for this year.)

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