Cullen's Bow Tie Bash

Tuesday, January 28, 2014
We had Cullen's birthday party the Sunday after his birthday party.  I had been planning his party for months.  I went back and forth countless times on theme, colors, decor, and food.  In the end, I think it turned out pretty great.

Disclaimer: This post has enough pictures to make you feel like you were actually at the party.  I couldn't pick just a few, so there are about 40.  Enjoy!

We had a house full of friends and family.  We were cramped, but it was so worth it.  Cullen had a great time!  He is one loved little boy.

I decided to go with a Bow Tie Bash theme.  We had bow ties for guests to put on as they came in to match the birthday boy.  I made most of the decor and food, which would have been a lot easier if I had made decisions a lot sooner.  Most of this was done the week before the party.  I'll do better next time.  

We had an area for guests to write Cullen a note.  My plan is so do this every year and save them to give to Cullen when he is older.  Just a little way to remember everyone who came to celebrate with him.

After Cullen had his fill of cheerios, goldfish, apples, and cheese, it was time for cake.  He was a little hesitant at first, but after the first taste, Cullen went at the cake with reckless abandon.  After, of course, he realized he couldn't pick up the whole cake, he settled on fistfuls he could barely fit in his mouth.  

He opened maybe two gifts before deciding a friend's goldfish were way more interesting.  So he snacked some more while Corey and I oohed and awed over all of the cute clothes and fun toys.  Cullen had no problem playing with the toys after everyone left though!

It turned out to be a pretty great day.  We all had a blast celebrating a whole year of our sweet little boy!  Thanks to everyone who made Cullen's first birthday terrific!


  1. Best Birthday Party I have ever been to! That last Pic is hilarious!

  2. Oh my GOSH! This party was absolutely GORGEOUS! :) I am your newest follower, and I cannot wait to follow along! I'm so happy I found your blog tonight! :) I love finding other Blog Mamas! :) I can't wait to get to know you :)


    1. Thanks Breanna! Glad to have you...I love getting to know other Blog Mamas too!


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