One Year Ago

Thursday, January 16, 2014
My baby is going to be one tomorrow.  Honestly, I am dealing with it a lot better than I thought I would.  Instead of being sad because a whole year has gone by and because we now have a wide-open toddler instead of a snuggly little baby, I am excited for what's ahead.  I am excited about Cullen's first birthday party, more steps, more words, and everything else that comes when you leave the baby stage and enter toddlerville.  I am excited about learning more and more about this little boy and who he is growing up to be.

As much as I love the little person that Cullen is now, I'm not being completely honest with you if I don't admit that sometimes I do miss that super cuddly newborn we brought home from the hospital.  I absolutely loved that newborn stage; when Cullen fell asleep on my chest, that sweet newborn smell, not having to chase him around the house.  But every stage seems to be better than the last, so while trying to soak up every minute and enjoy the now, I can't wait to see what this little boy does next! 

Exactly one year ago today, Corey and I were busy packing our hospital bags and going out for one last dinner just the two of us (without having to get a babysitter.)  We were so excited about the next day and finally getting to hold our precious little boy.  

As I think back to where we were this time last year, I want to take a minute and look back at some of Cullen's newborn pictures.  I was waiting to share these until I had mailed Cullen's birth announcements, but that never happened.  Oops!  So I am sharing them with you now. 

These first few pictures were taken in the hospital.  I love that we had the opportunity to capture these moments when Cullen was just a day old.

These pictures were taken when Cullen was about a week old by the same person who took my maternity pictures.  I am in love with every single one of these pictures!

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