Snow Days

Monday, February 17, 2014
Mondays are usually difficult; having to go back to work after a weekend of spending time with Cullen is never easy. But leaving him and making it to work today was especially difficult. If you haven't heard, the southeast got a pretty big snowstorm this past week. I got to spend almost a whole week at home with my little man! I loved every minute of it, but it definitely made today a little worse than most Mondays.

It started snowing at our house at about 5 am Tuesday morning and didn't stop until late Thursday evening.  We got more snow than we have seen in a long time! That meant I got to spend Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and half of Friday at home with Cullen.  It was wonderful!  And Corey was able to work from home most of the week, so we were all safe and warm at home.

Cullen was sick when we got a dusting of snow a few weeks ago and couldn't play in it, so I was excited to bundle him and play in the snow.  As soon as the ground was covered Tuesday morning, Cullen and I went out to play.  

Since we very rarely get this kind of weather,and it never really gets that cold, I have not invested in a heavy coat for Cullen. I had to layer several pairs of sweatpants, shirts, and jackets on him.  He had to wear regular ol' tennis shoes because the only boots he has come up to his knees and he couldn't walk in them. Can you tell we are not used to this kind of weather? I will have to be more prepared next year.  Despite our unpreparedness, we put on enough layers to venture out into the frozen tundra that was our backyard.

Cullen seemed pretty impressed with all of the snow.  And the first thing he did was taste the snow.  Isn't it amazing that some things don't need to be taught?  Obviously, the white stuff laying on the ground is meant for eating. 

Cullen seemed pretty happy with the snow so far, so I picked him up and we went further into the yard.  Big mistake.  He did not like standing in the snow.  He just plopped himself down and fussed. Poor guy could hardly walk and was very concerned about the white fluffy stuff stuck to his mitten.

So we headed back inside to warm up and snuggle on the couch.

After his initial reaction to the snow, Cullen and I didn't even attempt to go outside on Wednesday.  Instead, we got in lots of snuggles, watched the snow fall, and made snow cream, which was a huge hit with everyone.  

Since it was still snowing when Corey finished working on Thursday, the three of us bundled again and attempted this playing-in-the-snow thing one more time.  Again, Cullen was having non of it.  He was happy when we were holding him, but he did not want to be in the snow. 

And we were all upset when trying to make a snowman didn't work.  The snow was too fluffy to stick together.  Even Cullen was clearly upset by our snowman failure.  

Several inches of snow on the ground for three days and we spent less than ten minutes outside.  This child clearly does not love the snow as much as I do.  Maybe next year. 

Despite our failed attempts to enjoy the winter weather, I loved every minute of my time at home with Cullen.  We played, made messes, read the same three books over and over, and had lots of great snuggle time!  I love snow days!

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