Thirteen Months

Thursday, February 20, 2014
Our little man is now thirteen months old.  I feel like he has changed so much over the past month.  There is no sign of baby left in him; we have a full gown toddler on our hands now.  

Cullen has mastered a lot of new skills over the past month:
  • He throws away his own diapers.  Sometimes without even being asked.  But you have to watch him; he usually tries to take something out of the trash in return.
  • Running.  Walking is a thing of the past. He is always moving as fast as he possibly can.
  • The fake sneeze.  If you fake sneeze, he will throw his head back and say "Ahh-oo". It is quite possibly the most adorable thing ever!
  • He is really fine-tuning his verbal communication.  You can tell that he really understands most of what we say to him, and occasionally he even does what we tell him.  He still says "dis" (this) and "was dis" (what's this) to just about everything. But he also answers any questions you ask him with a very thorough explanation.  No one knows what he is actually saying, but he is definitely not just babbling.  I can't wait until he starts using actual words.  I can tell we are going to get some gems from this guy.

Meal time has become a struggle over the past month.  I know a lot of little ones start to get picky at this age, but I was not prepared for his level of pickiness.  He will always eat yogurt, quinoa, cheerios, and goldfish.  But that is all.  I can occasionally get him to eat half of a baby carrot, three tiny bites of banana, or a couple tiny bites of a grilled cheese (His favorite part is the crust, which I find really odd.)  I have no idea how he has gained over a pound this past month, because he doesn't eat anything. I have tried everything I can think of to get him to eat more: offering less milk, offering lots of options at one meal, giving him only one option, putting his food on the coffee table so he can graze, nothing seems to work.  So I guess we will just keep offering, and he will eat when he is ready.

Cullen and Macey are best buds these days.  Mostly because he feeds her.  When he is in his high chair and decides he is done eating, he drops his leftovers, one piece at a time, so that Macey can eat them.  He constantly shares his snacks with her.  He also LOVES  to watch her through the back door and then gives her a treat when she comes back in.  So basically, Macey loves him because he feeds her, and Cullen is okay with that.  He gives her more kisses than he gives me, and he loves to snuggle with her!

Bedtime has become a lot easier in the past month or so too.  When Cullen gets tired, he starts laying down on anything he can find: a blanket, a stuffed animal, Macey.  We then brush his teeth (easily his favorite part of the day), give him kisses, and lay him down.  He snuggles up with one of his stuffed animals (lately its been his fox) and goes right to sleep.  No more fussing while we rock him to sleep, no more crying when we leave the room.  It is absolutely wonderful! (I wish I could say the same about naps.)  The way he cuddles up with his stuffed animal and snuggles himself in has to be the sweetest thing ever!

I think it is safe to say that this is my favorite age so far.  I love watching him explore and learn. He can be clingy at times (thank you new teeth), but he is generally a happy little boy that spends most of his day laughing out loud.  I love the way he throws his head back and belly laughs at just about everything. I am so excited to watch him grow into a little boy. I am sure he is going to be wide open and Corey and I will both be exhausted at then end of every day, but I know we have a lot of fun headed our way!

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