Fourteen Months

Wednesday, March 19, 2014
As of Monday our Little Man is fourteen months old. Where did that last month go? Before you scroll any farther,  I would like to apologize for the ridiculous number of photos in this post.  It is completely unnecessary, but I could not help myself.  He is just so cute!

Cullen's favorite thing to do right now is read. He brings me books constantly and shoves them in my face or pushes them to my chest until I agree to read. Then he sits in my lap and soaks up every word and picture. Immediately after the last page, he asks to read it again. And again. And again. We started reading this book about a week ago, and I have already memorized it.  It has been stuck in my for the past two days. I guess that is a small price to pay for his love of books. I thought we had a built up a pretty good library of board books, but we may have to find a few more. Just for my sanity. 

He has also gotten into the habit of pulling out DVDs for me to read. I have tried explaining that I can't read a movie, but he doesn't care. So in addition to books, we read a lot of movie covers.

I really do love that Cullen loves reading so much. It provides an opportunity for him to learn and a chance for me to sneak in some snuggle time. I will continue to read the same books over and over as long as it makes him happy. 

Cullen has picked up a lot of new words over the past few weeks. He now says cookie, shoes, thank you, and fish (goldfish). I think he has started calling Macey DeDe, which is pretty adorable! 

Our picky little eater has not gotten much better. He refuses to eat any kind of meat or vegetable. He loves grapes, blueberries, yogurt, goldfish, bread, and cookies. Occasionally I can get him to eat a ham and cheese sandwich, but it's usually when the sandwich was intended for me. He is growing fine and a very happy little boy, so I'm not going to force the issue. Like I said last month, we will continue to offer him what we eat, and I'm sure he will eventually eat better.  I hope so anyway.

As you can clearly see here, Cullen is loving outside. And he is non-stop. If you remember, last month, he was perfectly content to sit in the grass and let me snap a few pictures. Not this time; Corey and I chased him around the yard the entire time trying to get a few good shots. Cullen spent most of our photo session pulling weeds (which our yard definitely needs right now.) Maybe we can put him to work this summer?


  1. Great photos! He looks like he is a busy little guy!

  2. He is so precious. I love him so much. I live to see and spend time with him on Tuesdays and Thursdays!


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