Our Easter Weekend

Tuesday, April 22, 2014
I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! I have been excited about this Easter for quite a while, and it by far exceeded my expectations! 

We started Saturday with a huge Easter Egg Bash at our church complete with three egg huts, interactive story time, crafts, food, and inflatables. We played and hunted eggs with Cullen for the first half of the event, and then Cullen went home with his Gigi to nap while Corey and I worked the registration table for the second half. Even with all of the rain we got that day, we registered over 1,700 people and hid over 15,000 eggs (they only planned to hide 6,000 eggs)! It was incredible! Cullen had a great time hunting eggs and we loved getting to meet so many new people from the community. We are truly blessed to be a part of a church with such a heart for sharing the gospel! I am always amazed at how God can take our plans and, even on the rainiest of days, go beyond what any of us expected to reach so many people! 

I stayed up late Saturday night playing Easter Bunny for Cullen and Corey. I probably have more fun filling baskets than they do opening them. Corey and I helped Cullen dig through his basket, but he was clearly more concerned with getting breakfast.  

After church we went to my parents' house for lunch and another egg hunt. Before digging into the delicious array of goodies, we attempted a family photo. We got one pretty good picture and the rest looked like this, which pretty much sums up life with our little man.

After stuffing our faces, and after Cullen ate an entire adult size piece of cake, we headed out back for the highlight of the day. Being the only little one, Cullen had an entire area to hunt for eggs by himself. And he took full advantage of it. His egg hunting strategy goes something like this: Find an egg. Shake the egg. Open egg. Dump candy or money on the ground. Put egg in basket or throw it on the ground. Repeat. He had an entourage of people following him around picking up the contents of his eggs and taking pictures. And since this whole process was pretty much the cutest thing ever, we may have put some of the eggs back on the ground for him to find again. Cullen was in heaven!

I love how much fun holidays are as Cullen gets older. I think he had THE BEST Easter! And because I can't resist a few more adorable pictures, here is Cullen's reaction to an empty egg.

Happy Easter

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Friday Jesus was crucified and buried. Three days later he rose from the grave. Today we are rejoicing that our God lives! That He has conquered death so that we can have a personal relationship and spend eternity with Him. 

We are taking time today to be with family and celebrate the hope that Easter brings.


Good Friday

Friday, April 18, 2014
As we gear up for Easter weekend, it's easy to get lost in the excitement of dying eggs, filling baskets, new outfits, and hunting candy-filled eggs. But I want to take a moment to branch out from my typical posts and reflect on the reason we celebrating at all.

What we call Good Friday is the day Christ was tried and crucified. The day that God sacrificed his Son so that we would be free from the eternal consequences of our sins. As a mother,  I can understand a little what kind of sacrifice that actually is. It is difficult to wrap my mind around the idea that God could love us so much! That He would do so much for people so undeserving!

Sunday, the story gets even better...

Bunny Rabbits & Baskets

Thursday, April 17, 2014
Things have been a little crazy around here lately (I'm currently recovering from having my wisdom teeth removed!), but I've finally gotten some Easter and Spring decorating done. I didn't go overboard this year, but added a few things that will last through the spring.  

I think the mantle needs a cute garland for every holiday, so I made this egg garland by spray painting plastic eggs and stringing them together. And found this cute bunny at Hobby Lobby.

The buffet is displaying an adorable ceramic bunny, an egg crate, a wooden heart, and eggs of course.

I found these super sweet bunny tea light holders (from Target, I can't find them online) and paired them with a galvanized watering can, and a floral bowl filled with eggs.

I really love the way this DIY wreath turned out. Simple and cheerful!

After putting the finishing touches on the spring decorating, I was motivated to play Easter Bunny and get Cullen's basket ready. Is it just me, or is filling an Easter Basket for a little boy really difficult? Especially for a little boy too young for Peeps and Cadbury Creme Eggs?! But I've finally gotten Cullen's basket together, and I really think he is going to love it!

I didn't go with traditional Easter basket goodies.  Instead, I filled Cullen's basket with things he will enjoy over the summer.  A cute sippy cup (Target), bubbles, sunglasses (Target), sidewalk chalk, Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!, and giant eggs filled with much needed and adorable socks. I may add some jammies like these or thesePsst...If you see Cullen before Sunday, don't tell him what the Easter Bunny is bringing!

Are you ready for Easter? It's almost here! I beyond excited to watch Cullen hunt eggs, especially after how much he loved dying them

Easter Eggs

Wednesday, April 16, 2014
Last year was Cullen's first Easter, but at only three months old, egg dying was out of the question.  So I was super excited about the opportunity to get him in on the egg dying action this year.  To be honest, I expected it to be a disaster, but as it turns out, he had blast and we made very little mess!

I decided we would attempt Kool-Aid dyed eggs, following this tutorial. I don't know that we did everything quite right, and I would probably do a few things differently next time, but I really love how our eggs turned out.  And Cullen was thrilled with the entire process, so not much else matters.

The only supplies needed are eggs, Kool-Aid, water, and obviously something to actually dye the eggs in (we used plastic cups). When planning this, I kept picturing Cullen trying to drink the dye (he will drink anything in a cup) so I liked the idea of no icky dye or vinegar.

I mixed the Kool-Aid with the water and we got to dying. I just knew that this was going to end up with me dying all the eggs and Cullen screaming to get down and knocking everything off the table, but it turns out he was really into it and helped a lot! After seeing me put the first egg in, Cullen knew exactly what to do.  He couldn't wait to dunk each egg into a cup of dye.

The eggs only had to sit in their Kool-Aid bath for a few minutes (it seemed much shorter than traditional egg dye) which was good for our impatient little boy.  I love the way his face lit up with excitement when he saw the dyed eggs.  He wanted to hold and ooh and aah over each one.


I kind of like the marbled look we ended up with, and obviously Cullen was impressed, but making sure your eggs are completely dry and rotating them in the dye more would probably help ensure a more even color.

No matter what our finished product looked like, starting this Easter tradition with Cullen will be a lasting memory.  Dying eggs has always been one of my favorite parts of Easter, and I am so glad I get to share it with Cullen for years to come!

Backyard Fun

Monday, April 14, 2014
After a crazy long winter, especially for us southerners, we have been blessed with some gorgeous spring weather over the past couple of weeks. I am enjoying it because it gives Cullen a chance to use up some of his little boy energy that wears me out when we are stuck inside. And he is really starting to love being outside.

Maybe love is an understatement. It is pretty obvious that Cullen would spend every minute of every day outside if he could. If Macey has to go out, he wants to go with her. As soon as we get home and I get him out of the car, he takes off running for the front yard. And he quite frequently taps on the back door to let us know that he would like to explore the great outdoors.

If we do not go outside as soon as he demands it, the meltdown starts. Dramatic tears and puppy dog eyes. This isn't usually a problem, like I said, I jump at the chance to let him get some fresh air and run around. But sometimes it rains, or it's dark, or it's time for bed. It is so difficult to tell him we can't play outside, especially when I see how much fun he has out there.

It melts my heart to see how his little face lights up when he gets to walk out the back door.  He runs like a wild man, pulls grass and weeds, chases Macey, and belly-laughs the whole time. He likes to carry sticks around the yard, steal my sunglasses, and recently we have started making wishes on dandelions.  It is so funny to watch him try to blow and then get frustrated and try to eat the dandelion.  

We have a few parks nearby and a playground in our neighborhood that we are going to have to start taking advantage of.  I am so excited about the possibilities for outdoor fun that await us over the next few months!

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