Easter Eggs

Wednesday, April 16, 2014
Last year was Cullen's first Easter, but at only three months old, egg dying was out of the question.  So I was super excited about the opportunity to get him in on the egg dying action this year.  To be honest, I expected it to be a disaster, but as it turns out, he had blast and we made very little mess!

I decided we would attempt Kool-Aid dyed eggs, following this tutorial. I don't know that we did everything quite right, and I would probably do a few things differently next time, but I really love how our eggs turned out.  And Cullen was thrilled with the entire process, so not much else matters.

The only supplies needed are eggs, Kool-Aid, water, and obviously something to actually dye the eggs in (we used plastic cups). When planning this, I kept picturing Cullen trying to drink the dye (he will drink anything in a cup) so I liked the idea of no icky dye or vinegar.

I mixed the Kool-Aid with the water and we got to dying. I just knew that this was going to end up with me dying all the eggs and Cullen screaming to get down and knocking everything off the table, but it turns out he was really into it and helped a lot! After seeing me put the first egg in, Cullen knew exactly what to do.  He couldn't wait to dunk each egg into a cup of dye.

The eggs only had to sit in their Kool-Aid bath for a few minutes (it seemed much shorter than traditional egg dye) which was good for our impatient little boy.  I love the way his face lit up with excitement when he saw the dyed eggs.  He wanted to hold and ooh and aah over each one.


I kind of like the marbled look we ended up with, and obviously Cullen was impressed, but making sure your eggs are completely dry and rotating them in the dye more would probably help ensure a more even color.

No matter what our finished product looked like, starting this Easter tradition with Cullen will be a lasting memory.  Dying eggs has always been one of my favorite parts of Easter, and I am so glad I get to share it with Cullen for years to come!

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