Our Easter Weekend

Tuesday, April 22, 2014
I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! I have been excited about this Easter for quite a while, and it by far exceeded my expectations! 

We started Saturday with a huge Easter Egg Bash at our church complete with three egg huts, interactive story time, crafts, food, and inflatables. We played and hunted eggs with Cullen for the first half of the event, and then Cullen went home with his Gigi to nap while Corey and I worked the registration table for the second half. Even with all of the rain we got that day, we registered over 1,700 people and hid over 15,000 eggs (they only planned to hide 6,000 eggs)! It was incredible! Cullen had a great time hunting eggs and we loved getting to meet so many new people from the community. We are truly blessed to be a part of a church with such a heart for sharing the gospel! I am always amazed at how God can take our plans and, even on the rainiest of days, go beyond what any of us expected to reach so many people! 

I stayed up late Saturday night playing Easter Bunny for Cullen and Corey. I probably have more fun filling baskets than they do opening them. Corey and I helped Cullen dig through his basket, but he was clearly more concerned with getting breakfast.  

After church we went to my parents' house for lunch and another egg hunt. Before digging into the delicious array of goodies, we attempted a family photo. We got one pretty good picture and the rest looked like this, which pretty much sums up life with our little man.

After stuffing our faces, and after Cullen ate an entire adult size piece of cake, we headed out back for the highlight of the day. Being the only little one, Cullen had an entire area to hunt for eggs by himself. And he took full advantage of it. His egg hunting strategy goes something like this: Find an egg. Shake the egg. Open egg. Dump candy or money on the ground. Put egg in basket or throw it on the ground. Repeat. He had an entourage of people following him around picking up the contents of his eggs and taking pictures. And since this whole process was pretty much the cutest thing ever, we may have put some of the eggs back on the ground for him to find again. Cullen was in heaven!

I love how much fun holidays are as Cullen gets older. I think he had THE BEST Easter! And because I can't resist a few more adorable pictures, here is Cullen's reaction to an empty egg.

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  1. most adorable family ever! my fav was him finding the empty one!!! That face was priceless!


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