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Monday, April 14, 2014
After a crazy long winter, especially for us southerners, we have been blessed with some gorgeous spring weather over the past couple of weeks. I am enjoying it because it gives Cullen a chance to use up some of his little boy energy that wears me out when we are stuck inside. And he is really starting to love being outside.

Maybe love is an understatement. It is pretty obvious that Cullen would spend every minute of every day outside if he could. If Macey has to go out, he wants to go with her. As soon as we get home and I get him out of the car, he takes off running for the front yard. And he quite frequently taps on the back door to let us know that he would like to explore the great outdoors.

If we do not go outside as soon as he demands it, the meltdown starts. Dramatic tears and puppy dog eyes. This isn't usually a problem, like I said, I jump at the chance to let him get some fresh air and run around. But sometimes it rains, or it's dark, or it's time for bed. It is so difficult to tell him we can't play outside, especially when I see how much fun he has out there.

It melts my heart to see how his little face lights up when he gets to walk out the back door.  He runs like a wild man, pulls grass and weeds, chases Macey, and belly-laughs the whole time. He likes to carry sticks around the yard, steal my sunglasses, and recently we have started making wishes on dandelions.  It is so funny to watch him try to blow and then get frustrated and try to eat the dandelion.  

We have a few parks nearby and a playground in our neighborhood that we are going to have to start taking advantage of.  I am so excited about the possibilities for outdoor fun that await us over the next few months!

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