Fifteen Months

Tuesday, May 6, 2014
This update is almost three weeks late. Oops! Cullen has changed a bit over the past few weeks, but here is a little bit about him at fifteen months.

This growing boy is now 32.5" tall (90th percentile) and weighs 24.4 lbs (73rd percentile). He took quite a jump in the weight department; it looks like his weight may be catching up with his height. I'm not surprised though. He eats All. Day. Long. If only I could get him to eat a vegetable.

In addition to the words he was able to say last month, he has recently added
        bebe ('baby')
        idoit ('i do it', usually when he is climbing in a chair)
        cheechos ('cheerios')
        bye (very rarely and only when prompted)
        peas ('please', again very rarely and only when prompted)
        nononono (his way of saying no...when he really means it)

He doesn't really say 'yes', but he will nod yes to just about any question you ask him.  At first it was any time he was asked something...even if the answer was no.  He is starting to get better about only nodding when he means it. 

I have noticed recently a big desire on his part to be more independent. He wants to spoon-feed himself yogurt. Which is adorable, but messy. He wants to sit in a kitchen chair instead of his high chair. (It might be time to invest in a booster seat. Any recommendations?) He also wants to walk down the stairs instead of being carried.  He reaches up for my hand, my heart melts, and we walk down the steps together.  It is the sweetest, and I don't mind one bit that it takes five times longer to make it down our stairs!

I am blown away every day at how smart he is and at what he can do. Over the past month, I've watched him go from pulling all of his toys apart to actually putting things together. He knows how to put the animals in Noah's Ark, and he knows how to put most of the shapes back into his shape sorter.

While there are some days where Cullen pushes my buttons and wears me out (there are moments when I feel like he is hitting the Terrible Twos a little early), I wouldn't trade it for anything! I love spending time with him and getting to know the little boy he is growing into. This is an incredibly fun age. He keeps us laughing and amazes us every day!

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