Sixteen Months

Wednesday, May 28, 2014
I feel like I just wrote Cullen's fifteen month update.  Seriously, where is the time going?  Things need to slow down so I can soak up every little boy is growing up way too fast!

 We had a couple rough weeks thanks to some pretty painful teething. I've always heard that the canine teeth were the worst, but I had no idea.  There have been a couple occasions that he has just rolled around in pain.  I was called out of church one Sunday because he was completely inconsolable in the nursery.  No amount of popsicles, teethers, or snuggles from his uncle and aunt could calm him down.  Even I could not comfort him.  It absolutely broke my heart to see him in such pain.  Hopefully the worst is over and those stubborn teeth will finally pop through the gums soon. 

Cullen's favorite things lately still include being outside, particularly playing with his water table, blowing bubbles, finding rocks and sticks, and playing on his slide (He has mastered climbing up the front and back of the slide, giving me a minor heart attack every time.), dancing (he asks Corey to turn music on every morning and has figured out how to turn up the volume on the ihome), and talking.  He talks all day every day. I just wish I could actually understand what he is saying!

Over the last couple of weeks, Cullen has added some new words to his vocabulary.  A few of his newest words include:

Gigi (or G sometimes) - my Mom
Meme - Corey's Mom
boops (books)
poop (I am a little ashamed that I accidentally taught him that word.  But as a boy, he was going to learn it soon anyway, right? #momoftheyear)

He has finally started waving 'bye' and it absolutely one of the sweetest things ever! And lately he has been stuck on 'Mommy'.  Not that he wants my attention any more than usual, he just repeats 'Mommy' over and over and over throughout the day. The way he says it melts my heart!

This little boy owns my heart.  He makes long work days worth it, and he can always put a smile on my face. We have so much fun keeping up with his infectious personality.  I wish I could keep him this little forever, but at the same time, I can't wait to see who he grows up to be.

I love you Cullen, with all of my heart!

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