Seventeen Months

Wednesday, July 2, 2014
Things have been a little quiet around here lately.  We have been busy trying to fill our summer with fun and I have been trying to be more intentional about being a part of the fun instead of viewing everything through the lens of my camera.  That means less to share here, but I don't mind.  It is nice to take a break every once in a while and enjoy making memories instead of being so concerned with documenting them. But after a little break, I am ready to get back to posting more often.

Our little boy is definitely not a baby anymore. At seventeen months old, he is growing up way to fast. He thinks he is too big for a high chair, thinks he can go up and down the stairs himself, thinks he is too big for naps, knows how to tell us exactly what he wants and knows where everything is (mostly snacks), and repeats everything we say. 

I can't even keep track of what words he knows anymore.  I think he adds a handful of new words to his vocabulary every day. I love listening to him talk, especially when he doesn't know we are listening. He has the sweetest little voice, and makes even the most insignificant words sound adorable. My favorites these days are the way he says cookie, bug, 'sicle (popsicle), 'side (outside), and of course mommy and daddy. I know every mom thinks their child is a genius, but seriously, Cullen is the smartest toddler ever! He has a fantastic memory, knows a lot of animal sounds (cow, sheep, snake, owl, horse, dog), says "shhhh!" when you tell him a secret, points out every car, bus and bird we pass on the road, and voluntarily throws away any piece of trash he finds. 

Cullen's favorite activities these days are going to the pool, where he desperately wants to play with the big kids and flirts with all of the teenage girls, searching for bugs, eating popsicles, jumping on the couch cushions, and playing outside as much as possible. 

Aside from the few temper tantrums we are forced to endure, and the joys of teething, this is a really fun age. Cullen is so much fun to be around. He has the most infectious laugh and we have the best time playing together. I love the little boy that he is becoming. He is smart, bold, sweet, and loving. His wrinkled-nose, whole-face smiles are my favorite, and he can brighten even the grayest of days. I hope the memories we are making now stay with us forever!

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