Nineteen Months

Tuesday, August 26, 2014
When someone asked last Saturday, I said that Cullen was eighteen months old. It wasn't until about nine the next night that I realized he is actually nineteen months old now. At least it wasn't a major milestone, right? So, now that I have a grip on what day it is and how old my child is, here are a few things about nineteen-month-old Cullen.

At his eighteen month check-up, Cullen was 34 inches tall and weighed over 27 pounds, making him way above average. Most days he eats non-stop all day long. I can't imagine trying to feed him as a teenager. His favorite these days is anything apple. Apple sauce. Apple slices. Apple juice. Apple cinnamon Nutragrain Bar. He may have had all four of those for dinner one night recently. I can't wait to take him apple picking this year! 

I am in a list-making mood today, so here are some of the things Cullen does these days in list form:

  • He likes to work out with me on occasion. His specialties are jumping jacks and squats. 
  • He can blow his nose. No more bulb syringe!
  • He knows to say cheese and smile in front of a camera. I catch him putting my phone up to his face and saying "cheese" all the time! Perhaps I take a few too many pictures.
  • He loves to nap on the couch, completely surrounded by covers. He will not share the blanket with anyone else. And he is not happy if he wants to "nap" and you are in his spot on the couch. He is a grumpy ol' man already...stuck in his ways.
  • He likes to boss Macey around. I can't tell you how many times a day I hear "Come on, Macey.", "hop up", "Move, Macey.", "Walk, Macey."
  • He loves to sing. I love hearing him in the backseat humming along to the radio!
  • He insists that every drink be on a coaster. I laugh every time he puts his sippy cup on the table and then says "no, coaster" as he searches for one. My coffee table loves him.

Cullen is more and more sure of himself every day. Sometimes to a fault. We have been hearing "no" a lot from him recently. But more often it is good. He knows what he likes and what he doesn't like. He can tell us when he needs to blow his nose, when he hurts something and what exactly hurts, and when he needs a diaper change. (Could potty training be in our near future?!)

I think my favorite new expression of Cullen's is "kiss it". He asks me to kiss every single bump, scrape, and mosquito bite. He even asked me to kiss his teeth the other day. He has some new teeth coming in and a mommy's kiss can fix anything, right? We settled for a kiss on the cheek. I'll take any chance I have to kiss those sweet little cheeks!

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