Twenty-One Months

Friday, October 31, 2014
That's right. Time is flying by faster than I can keep track, and our little boy is already twenty-one months old. Since Cullen has been 21 months old for a couple of weeks now, this update is going to be short and sweet.

No major changes or milestones reached over the past month, but this little boy learns so much every day. They way he communicates with us seems to change constantly. It still takes me by surprise sometimes that he has full conversations complete with whole sentences. 

He loves anything with an engine: planes, helicopters, cars, motorcycles, big trucks, and especially construction equipment. He loves to ride down the road pointing out the different types of vehicles. And his day is made if we pass a construction site.

I think my favorite part about this age is the two sides of having a little boy. One minute he is rough-and-tumble, covered in dirt, and trying to wrestle anyone in site. The next minute he wants to give kisses to everyone and proudly exclaims "I wuv you!"

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