Twenty-two Months

Tuesday, December 2, 2014
Technically, Cullen is now closer to 23 months than 22 months, but a late update is better than no update right?

I cannot believe how much fun this little boy is these days. His imagination and sense of humor keep us laughing.

He loves playing with cars and talking on the phone. Almost anything can be turned into a phone; most recently a flashlight. He also loves puzzles and counting. I love the way he skips 4 every time. "1...2...3...5!" And he loves to start races with "Ready, Set, Go."

Cullen is getting to be very bossy. He has on multiple occasions, grabbed both sides of Corey's face, but instead of saying "I wuv you" he demands "Wook at me!" He is very adamendment when he wants you to play with him and demands that you go to where he is and sit right where he is pointing. And when we are in the car, he loudly insists "ready go" until the car starts to move again. This boy is clearly not a fan of rush-hour traffic and has not yet figured out that the world does not run on his schedule.

Despite his bossiness, he is one of the most polite toddlers I have ever seen. Almost every request is accompanied by a "please" and he is very quick to say "thank you" or even "thank you, thank you, thank you" when he is given something or helped. We must have done something right. ;)

He has recently started saying "I love you" without being prompted. He puts his hands on both sides of my face, gets as close as possible, and says "I wuv you!" My heart melts into a puddle every single time.

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