Baby #2: 29 Weeks

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

baby's size: Acorn Squash

how I'm feeling: Great! Resting as much as possible and enjoying the sweet movements of our little girl. I am finally feeling those large rolling movements that move my entire stomach. As painful as they can be sometimes, I love seeing and feeling the reminder that our little girl is doing great!

best moment this week: We started painting the nursery this week and Cullen joined right in. He picked up a small roller and pretended to paint the walls right along with everyone else. He called the paint roller a "casserole" and was just about the cutest thing ever! Having him so excited to help us get ready for his little sister made me even more excited to see him turn into a big brother!

what I'm looking forward to: It really hit me this week that we will be a family of four in just about two months! I am looking forward to soaking up this time with Cullen and getting everything ready for bringing home another little one.

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