Baby #2: 33 Weeks

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

baby's size: Durian? Well, maybe a small one. At the ultrasound last Thursday, she weighed 2 lb 13 oz.

how I'm feeling: A little anxious about what could be happening over the next week. I have another appointment tomorrow and if things aren't looking perfect with our little girl, I will most likely have to go to the hospital for steroids and early delivery of this little girl. At this point, they are not going to let me go past 36 weeks but are hoping to make it to at least 34 weeks. That gives us at most only three weeks before we have a new baby. I know everything will work out just fine and God has a plan, but the unknown, everything we have left to do, and the worry that comes with premature delivery has me a little nervous.

best moment this week: Cullen went with me to the ultrasound last week and for the hour or so leading up to the appointment, he kept saying "We going to hospital to get the new baby!" As much as I tried to explain it, I couldn't get him to understand that we were only going to see pictures of the baby. But it was so sweet how excited he was!

what I'm looking forward to: We had to move our maternity pictures to this coming weekend because of the weather. I'm hoping I won't end up in the hospital and we can still make those happen!

Baby #2: 32 Weeks

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

baby's size: jicama? I have another ultrasound tomorrow to see how much she has grown over the past two weeks, but she is still tiny compared to other babies at this point.

how I'm feeling: Ready to meet this little girl! The braxton hicks have started, which is not always so much fun, and I am beyond ready to be able to do more than sit on the couch all day. But we have so much left to do to get ready for her arrival. So for the next (hopefully at least) five weeks, we will be busy getting things put together and organized and soaking up as much time with Cullen before he is not the only child.

best moment this week: The weather has been absolutely gorgeous the past few days. I have loved the chance to sit outside and soak up some sun and fresh air while Cullen runs around the yard like every two-year-old loves to do.

what I'm looking forward to: We are having maternity pictures taken this weekend. I'm hoping the weather cooperates and we can get some great family photos!

Baby #2: 31 Weeks

Thursday, March 12, 2015

baby's size: Pineapple

how I'm feeling: The urge to nest has really hit me this week! I stay up way too late planning and working different projects (all of which could wait until morning), but I can't seem to turn my mind off. I feel like there is so much to do in so little time.

best moment this week: We had another ultrasound this week and found out our little girl has jumped from the 10th percentile to the 11th percentile! (Okay, so that may not really be a big jump, but it's huge for us!) And we saw a lot of 2 cm long, which is apparently a lot for this point because our ultrasound tech was showing off her hair to everyone else in the office. It was such a fun visit!

what I'm looking forward to: Spring weather! I am running out of clothes that fit, so I am looking forward to being able to wear spring dresses and sandals all the time. And I am definitely excited about days spent outside with Cullen, he is the happiest when he is running circles in the back yard.

Baby #2: 30 Weeks

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

baby's size: Cucumber? (I don't really trust this one, I have never seen a cucumber as big as my baby is supposed to be.)

how I'm feeling: The aches and pains of the third trimester have started. My hips hurt at the end of the day and I've got the normal discomforts that come with a growing and stretching belly. I'm taking that as a good sign that our little one is growing and slathering on lotion like it's my job.

best moment this week: If you follow me on Instagram, you have already seen this, but the other day Cullen took his toy tape measure and asked to measure my belly then proudly proclaimed that it was 14 inches! It was one of the cutest things he has ever done and probably the first time he as acknowledge that there might be something different about me. I can't wait to see his reaction to his baby sister!

what I'm looking forward to: The next 7 weeks. Yep, we only have 7 more weeks at the most before we get to meet our little girl. I am looking forward to everything we still have coming in these next few weeks; showers, more doctors appointments, washing tiny baby clothes, packing hospital bags, and everything else that comes with prepping for a new little one.

Nursery Inspiration

Monday, March 2, 2015
Since we have started getting the nursery ready for our little girl, I figured it was about time I share some of my plans for the room. The room doesn't really have a theme, I just found a fabric that I love and went from there.

fabric | light | foot stool (old from Target) | throw | ostrich

I wanted a room that was feminine without being too juvenile; something that can grow with her. Unlike the rest of my house, most of the nursery walls will be white with one navy accent wall and a mint closet. We are using the white Jenny Lind crib that Cullen used and will paint the other furniture coral.

I am planning on making the curtains, quilt, mobile, and other decor for the room. I'm still finding pieces for the room as we go, so I won't really have a final vision for the room until it's almost done. You can find more of my inspiration on Pinterest.

I can't wait to share the completed room with you! Hopefully we can get it done before our little girl joins us!

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