Baby #2: 35 Weeks

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

baby's size: Coconut. At the ultrasound last Thursday, she weighed about 3 lbs 7 oz.

how I'm feeling: Ready to meet this little girl! I'm still a little nervous about what it will actually be like to have such a small baby, but after so many ultrasounds and doctor appointments (and so long being stuck resting at home) I am ready to hold this little one!

best moment this week: Our Easter Weekend was pretty awesome!

what I'm looking forward to: Having this little girl! We are only about a week away from being a family of four!


  1. Courtney, you look adorable! It's getting so close! Pack your bags if you haven't already, because I waited and ended up having her at 36.5 weeks! lol

  2. Thank you! The bags have been packed for quite a few weeks, so we are ready!


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