Colette's Birth Story

Tuesday, May 12, 2015
We had the c-section scheduled for 8:30 so we got to the hospital at 6:00 that Thursday morning. We took Cullen in his pajamas and met our parents there when I checked in. The nurses started prepping me for surgery right away and before I even realized we were ready to go. We also took this time to play with Cullen a little, talk about what it means to be a big brother, and let him open his big brother gift.

As soon as the doctor arrived, a little after 8, we left our families and they wheeled me back to the operating room. Corey donned his scrubs and waited in the "dad" room while the anesthesiologist put in the spinal. I knew everything that was going to happen since I'd been through the exact same process with Cullen's birth. But I was a little more nervous this time. I don't think I was nervous about the actual procedure; I had no worries about the actual delivery. I was nervous about what would happen as soon as they got Colette out. We have been watching her so closely over the past several months, and had discussed the "what ifs" that come with having such a small baby born early, but there were still a lot of unknowns. How much would she actually weigh? Would she be able to hold her temperature? What does a 4 1/2 pound baby look like? Would Corey be able to hold her right away? Would I be able to see and kiss her right away? I knew there was a very strong possibility she would need at least a short stay in the NICU.

As soon as they let Corey in the room, my nerves started to calm. No matter what, we were about to have another little one in our lives. Not long after the surgery started, I heard the sweetest little cry. The doctor held her up for me to see. I couldn't believe how tiny she was, but she was absolutely perfect. Corey followed the nurses to check on Colette while they weighed, measured, and evaluated her. He came back and reported that she weighed 4lb 8oz, was 18.5 inches long, and to everyone's surprise, had near perfect APGAR scores. Despite being SO little, our tiny little girl was indeed perfect.

Corey held Colette right next to me while they finished up, and before long, we were ready to go back to our room. This is when I got to kiss her head, touch her face, and see her eyes for the very first time. Because she was doing so well, they said Colette could come to the room with us, but we would have to monitor her temperature and blood sugar closely. If anything changed, they would take her to the nursery, but for now, she was staying with us. The nurse placed her on my chest and we headed back to our room.

As we got back to our room, Cullen was able to come in for just a minute to meet his new little sister. It was love at first site. Cullen had the biggest smile on his face, reached out his arms and said, "A baby! I need to hold her!" While our families waited back out in the waiting room, Corey and I spent about an hour and a half alone with our newest little one.

The next few days and nights in the hospital we focused on getting Colette to nurse, which we are still working on, and keeping her warm. After about 24 hours, she had kept her temperature up and her blood sugar up where it needed to be and she stayed in the room with us the entire time. We got very little sleep over the next couple of days, but that is mainly because I wanted to soak up every minute with our little girl.

We were all able to go home Sunday. Even though Colette was so small, she JUST fit in the car seat, she was healthy enough to go home with us without ever leaving our side. Colette's birth was truly an answer to prayers. Throughout this entire pregnancy, our family, friends, and church have been praying for Colette. God answered each and every one of those prayers by giving us a perfectly healthy little girl.

We have been home for a couple of weeks now and things are great! Colette is a very content and easy baby. Our only issue at this point is that she is still having trouble nursing because she is so small, but we are working through that and she is eating like a champ. I remember being super stressed at this point with Cullen, but it has been completely different this time around. Maybe because we have been through so much this time already or perhaps because we have been through this part of having a newborn before.

Corey and I are in love with this little girl, and Cullen loves her just as much. We are a very happy family of four and are so blessed to have welcomed Colette into our lives!

Big Brother Gift

Friday, May 1, 2015
To help welcome Cullen into the new world of being a big brother, we wanted to give him a little gift at the hospital to make it a special day for him as well. Since we new he would be hanging out in the waiting room for a few hours with his grandparents, we wanted to give him some snacks, a few things to play with, and a new shirt to wear when he met his new sister.

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Cullen got to open his gift when we were all together before they took me back to the operating room. It was nice to have a moment to just focus on him before we added another little one to our family. Despite how early it was, he was so excited for the special attention. I really think giving him some new things just for him helped ease him into welcoming a new baby into his world.

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