Colette: Two Months

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Our Little Colette is now two months old and growing like a weed! She is now 7 lbs 6 oz and 20.75 inches long. That means she is actually on the growth chart for weight (over the 3rd percentile)! She is finally in newborn diapers and is filling out her newborn size clothes. I love the double chin and leg rolls she is sporting these days! 

Colette is still a great eater, those rolls are proof! She is still a really good sleeper too. She usually gives us at least a five hour stretch of sleep every night, which is greatly appreciated by everyone else in the house!

She still sleeps a lot, but it seems we are getting past the super sleepy newborn stage. We are getting to enjoy longer and longer stretches of time with an awake and alert Colette. She is also starting to interact with us a lot more. She loves watching Cullen and seems to really enjoy when he lays down really close to her face. Big smiles and silly noises almost always earn us a sweet smile from our little girl. She is also getting really good at controlling her head when she holds it up and is already flexing like she is trying to sit up. (I remember Cullen doing that a while before he could actually sit up too.)

I feel like I can officially say that she will have red hair and blue eyes like Cullen. It was hard to tell at first, but her hair seems to get more and more red every day. I am beyond excited to dress another red-headed little baby!

These first two months as a family of four have been a blast. I can't wait to see what the next few months hold for us as Colette continues to grow and develop her own little personality!

Newborn Favorites

Tuesday, June 16, 2015
After almost two months, I feel like I have a good handle on what products do and don't work for us (especially since this is our second time around). Every baby is different, butI love seeing what other moms like using, so I thought I would share some of my favorite products for the newborn stage with you.

1. Nursing Happens Infinity Breastfeeding Scarf: I love this so much more than traditional nursing covers. Its so much easier to carry with us (I can wear it as a scarf!) and it doesn't exactly scream "I'm nursing a baby over here!"

2. aden + anais Burpy Bib: These are the best burp cloths. They are big enough to actually cover your entire shoulder and are super absorbent. Bonus: they have these handy little snaps that turn it into a bib when needed down the line.

3. Solly Baby Wrap: I have used several different wraps and this one is by far my favorite. I carry Colette around in this wrap just about every time I leave the house. And I've used it quite a few times when housework needs to be done. I love that I can just throw it down in her diaper bag to have with me at all times. And it comes in such cute colors and patterns!

4. Newborn Leggings: These leggings from Target are perfect for a little girl. They come in so many colors and patterns. Most of Colette's outfits are these leggings under a onesie. 

5. Flanders Buttocks Ointment: My mom used this diaper cream when we were little, so we have sworn by this for years. It will heal even the worst diaper rashes in no time. It's not a prescription, but I have only found it behind the counter at the Target pharmacy.

6. Boppy: I'm using the same Boppy that I used with Cullen, but this time, I got this adorable donut cover from Target. It makes long nursing sessions a little more fun! I also have (and really like) the My Brest Friend nursing pillow, which is far superior for back support. But I love that the Boppy is so much more versatile. With both of my babies, we had trouble breastfeeding for the first few weeks and I had to pump and bottle feed expressed milk. It was quickest to prop them in the Boppy and bottle feed while I pumped. It can also be used during tummy time and when they are learning to sit. I feel like I get more for my money with this pillow.

7. Comotomo bottles: Even tiny Colette has done great drinking from these bottles. The nipple and feel of the bottle are made to mimic breastfeeding. And the soft, squishable bottle is super easy to clean, no bottle brush needed!

8. aden + anais Swaddle: We still swaddle Colette to sleep every night, and these are our favorite swaddle blankets. They are super soft and breathable and big enough to last as Colette grows. They also make great nursing covers and play mats. I make sure we have one of these with us at all times.

And yes, EVERYTHING is pink now. But that just comes with the territory of having a girl. Have you used any of these? What are some of your favorite products for newborns?

Summer Bucket List

Thursday, June 11, 2015
Since I'm out on maternity leave and will have lots of extra time with the littles, I'm hoping to take advantage of everything summer has to offer. Here are some things we hope to do over the next few months.

1. Grow some vegetables - mini garden style. 

2. Spend as much time playing in the pool and sprinkler as possible.

3. Eat dinner outside often.

4. Host our 2nd annual 4th of July cook-out.

5. Picnic in the park.

6. Visit the zoo.

7. "Camp out" inside.

8. Catch lightning bugs.

9. Make homemade popsicles and ice cream.

10. Go to the beach at least once.

11. Visit our favorite sno cone stand a lot!

12. Slow down and enjoy every minute of this summer!

What fun things do you have planned for summer?

Colette: One Month

Thursday, June 4, 2015

At one month old, Colette weighs 5 lbs 9 oz and is 19.75 inches long. That means she is still < 1% for weight and only in the fourth percentile for height. Tiny girl is not even on the growth chart. But, like in the womb she is growing at the appropriate rate, just on her own tiny growth curve.

Colette is just now really fitting into newborn clothes and is still wearing premie diapers. Sidenote: they really should sell premie diapers in packages larger than 27 or 30!  She was only able to wear premie clothes for a short while because she was longer than premie size, but newborn clothes have been huge on her. As she is chunking up a little bit (we are starting to see a double chin!) she is filling out her newborn clothes and looking less like they swallowed her whole.

She has really been a great sleeper from the start. She has no problem going to sleep on her own at night and only waking up every three to four hours to eat. Right now she is sleeping in a bassinet next to our bed. I think we will move her to the crib in her room when I go back to work. During the day, she is still in that sleepy newborn stage, but has longer and longer awake periods every day. Unlike at night, she really wants to be held all day long. She doesn't really like to be put down and wakes up if she is (and when she is laying down, she wants to be on her side). I'm glad she is only like that during the day and not at night. And let's face it, I would rather hold her than do housework anyway!

Like with Cullen in the early days, breastfeeding has been our struggle. Because of her size and being born a few weeks early, Colette has had some trouble with latching and nursing (I'm sure I'll share more details in another post later.) Over the past month we have gone from pumping, bottle feeding, and supplementing with formula to nearly exclusively nursing. And she would probably eat all day long if I would let her. We are all really pleased (and surprised!) with how well she is doing!

It seems like Colette is going to be a pretty quiet and laid-back little one. At this point the only really sense of her personality we have other than her easy-going demeanor, are the faces she makes. She has some pretty expressive eyebrows that keep us laughing and really make me wonder what she is thinking. She can give the side-eye with the best of them! 

As proof that she is not always so angelic, here is an outtake from our mini photo shoot. Sorry little girl, you are going to have to get used to those bows!

It feels like Colette has been in our lives forever, but this month has flown by. I love this snuggly newborn stage and wish they didn't grow up so fast, but I can't wait for smiles and giggles, playtime, and learning everything about who this tiny girl will be!

Colette's Newborn Photos

Tuesday, June 2, 2015
A little over a week after Colette was born, we had our friend Elizabeth Testa come take some newborn pictures of Colette and some pictures of our new family of four. As always she did a great job and I love every single picture! Here are a few of my favorites. I can't wait to frame some of these!

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