Colette: Three Months

Thursday, July 30, 2015
Part of me feels like these three months have flown by. Another part of me feels like Colette has always been with us; I can't imagine our family without her!

I am estimating that three-month-old Colette weighs about nine pounds now meaning she has finally caught up to where Cullen was at birth. She is almost exclusively in 0-3 month clothes. (Still wearing some newborn shorts; for some reason they all seem to run big.) Her not-so-little leg rolls and double chin make it hard to remember how fragile she seemed when she was born. But she is still eating ALL DAY LONG, so I'm not surprised!

Colette loves: being outside, staring at bold patterns, sitting and standing, eating, and Cullen. Seriously, these two love each other more than I could have ever imagined. I can't get enough of seeing them together. Cullen can make her smile faster than anyone else; it is the sweetest and I can't wait to see their relationship grow.

Colette hates: water (though she will tolerate a quick bath now), tummy time, and having anything in her diaper. I can't really blame her for that last one, but holy cow can we go through some diapers. 

Other than these few things that she strongly dislikes, she is a very happy baby. She still sleeps about six hours at night (Woohoo!) and takes two longer naps and a few little cat naps during the day. On the somewhat rare occasion that she is awake and not eating, we like to kick and play on her baby gym, make funny faces (she especially loves winking), and people watch. She is happiest when we let her sit facing out so she can watch everything around her.

Happy Three Months, Colette! We love you, sweet girl!

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