Bathtime Favorites

Thursday, August 13, 2015

1. Skip Hop Dunks: These bath toys are fun for little ones to explore the water; Cullen sill loves to play with them. And we use them for hair and body rinsing for both kids.

2. Safety First Bathtub: I'm going to be honest, if you are short on space, this is probably not the best tub for you. But is works great for us. I love that it looks like a miniature bathtub! Cute goes a long way with me. And the infant insert that can be used facing two different directions is a really nice feature. Having Colette face me instead of laying perpendicular to me makes bathing her and interacting with her a lot easier, which is super important when your little one hates baths.

3. Circo Newborn Towels: Cullen has pretty much outgrown hooded towels at this point, but these are our favorite towels for Colette (and were our favorite for Cullen when he was a little younger.) They come in so many cute animals and are basically the cutest ever wrapped around a little one.

4. Crayola Bath Dropz: This may be the best seven dollars I've ever spent. Every single night, without exception, Cullen asks for a "color bath". We have not had to coerce him into taking a bath once since purchasing these. These are primary color tablets that you drop in the water to change the color of the bath water. They don't stain the tub, or your child, and because they can be combined to make secondary colors, they are a great way to introduce the idea of combining colors to make new colors.

5. Boon Flo: Love this spout cover! We used it with Cullen as well. I really like the bubble bath reservoir that adds bubble bath to the water with the push of a button. I'm probably the only one, but I have always had a hard time getting a tub full of suds when I pour bubble bath straight from the faucet.

6. Babyganics: These are the only baby-cleaning products we have ever used. I love that they are fragrence-free, baby-safe, and made from plant-based ingredients (and not quite as pricey as some similar brands.)

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