Colette: Five Months

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Five months old, 12 pounds, 9 ounces, and the sweetest and happiest little girl ever! She loves sitting up (I'm ready for her to be able to do that on her own), watching Cullen, and eating. She is all smiles all the time; I've even seen her smiling while she is screaming at me for food.

She has started reaching for what she wants: my hair, my face, Cullen's toys. It's time to keep my jewelry minimal and make sure tiny toys are out of reach. The look of determination on her face is hilarious when she sets her sights something and works to get it.

The only thing I'm not so happy about at this age, is that I have to hold her A LOT. Not because she doesn't want me to put her down, but because she wants to sit up all the time. If I lay her down she is doing these crunches (you should see her abs!) Don't get me wrong, I love having her close, but I'm ready for her to be able to sit on her own so I can start using two hands again.

She is still a great sleeper, once we get her to sleep at night. I don't know how we ended up with a whole family of night owls, but she fits right in. I am usually able to finally put her in bed around 10 and she sleeps very soundly for eight and a half hours or so. It might be time to put the mesh bumper around her crib, she has started moving all over the place in her sleep and quite often wakes up with her tiny feet sticking out of the crib.

For about a week, Colette was projectile vomiting at least once every evening. This seemed to come out of nowhere and she was still happy the rest of the day, so we took her to the doctor to see what was going on. Although a little strange that is just starting at five months and only in the evenings, it looks like she has reflux. They gave us a prescription for Zantac and she is no longer covering me and the couch with "spit-up" every night. I am so glad she is happy all the time again.

Cullen is still her favorite person. I would be a little jealous if it were anyone else, but it makes a Mommy's heart happy to see so much love between her children. He face lights up with the biggest grin I've ever seen every time he walks into her line of sight. And he is so sweet with her. He gives her hugs and kisses, loves to hold her, and there is nothing sweeter than seeing him pick up a book and read to her, making sure to show her the pictures on every page. I know there are bound to be arguments and fights as they grow, but I hope they have this kind of loving relationship forever!

I am going to leave you with these leg rolls and tiny toes. We never thought we would see rolls like this and are thrilled to have such a happy and healthy little girl!

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