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Tuesday, November 3, 2015
I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween! This was our best yet! 

I started thinking about Halloween costumes back in June. I wanted to do a group theme because who knows how long the kids will actually let me have a say in what they dress up as. After going back and forth between several ideas, we decided on Little Red Riding Hood, the Wolf, her grandmother, and the woodsman. (The main reason we went with this story: Corey didn't really have to dress up.)

I made Cullen's mask and tail and sewed "fur" onto a shirt and sweatpants. The plan was to take the fur off after the holiday and he'd have some comfy sweats. He informed me that the fur has to stay, so I guess he gets to be a comfy wolf! I made Colette's dress using this pattern and designed the cape on my own. This is the first time I've successfully sewn clothing, and I must admit, I am pretty darn proud! At the last minute, I found the cutest play food for her basket; I'm all about purchasing things that can be used again and again, not just for one night.

Cullen practiced his wolf growl for weeks, but when it came time, he refused to wear his mask and tail any longer than it took to take pictures.

Cullen helped me make some popcorn snack mix earlier in the day, meaning he ate most of the ingredients. If you have not made this yet, do it now! My parents and Corey's parents came over for dinner, so we all filled up on chili and cornbread before trick-or-treating. Most years, costumed kids are ringing our doorbell before we can even get dressed to go out, but this year it seemed like everyone waited for the Clemson game to end, which made all the men in our house happy. 

Still working on perfecting my chili recipe!

We left the Papas and Gigi at the house to watch football and hand out candy, while Corey, Mimi, and I took our eager trick-or-treaters door to door. Colette napped in her stroller the whole time. Cullen, who seems to have taken on the roll of family safety patrol, carried a flashlight and warned us of oncoming traffic as we walked through the neighborhood.

I was expecting Cullen to be as wide open as he was last Halloween, dragging us from house to house, but this year, he was much more hesitant to walk up to the doors. He was very polite and said "Trick or Treat" and "Thank you" at every house. My favorite part of the evening? When Cullen sang his Halloween song between houses. He will make up a song for anything!

"Halloween is fun.
  Halloween is fun.
    Halloween is fun!"

There was one slightly traumatic event at one of the last houses on our street with a man and a mask and tears, but Cullen went right back up to the house to get his candy after recovering from the scare. I was so proud of the way he handed being scared and didn't let it stop him from going to the last few houses!

I think Colette enjoyed her stroll around the neighborhood and Cullen definitely had a great time! But more than getting candy, I think he enjoyed handing out candy when we got back home. He is such a people-person, he loved telling everyone that came to the door "Happy Halloween!"

I am already planning next years costumes, and can't wait to get both kids fully embracing the holiday!

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  1. You are such an awesome Mom! Those outfits were adorable, and so were you "Grandmother"! Thanks for including PaPa M & I, we loved it!


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