Colette: Eight Months

Thursday, January 7, 2016

At eight months old, Colette is still a perfectly happy little baby. She just refuses to sleep at night. Or during the day. Someone has major fear of missing out! So I have been getting very little sleep as well, but at least she is happy when she is awake.

She is finally starting to eat solid foods. We figured out that she is just not a fan of purees. So I guess we are going more of the Baby Led Weaning route. Isn't it funny how sometimes our little ones make decisions for us? I have learned that research and knowing your options is good, but don't ever bet on sticking to your initial and very well thought out plan. They will change that in a heart beat. Flexibility is the key to parenting. (Your're welcome!) So my baby feeding plan has gone out the window and we are just offering Colette anything she shows an interest in eating. As long as it is safe of course. So far she likes bananas, apple slices, sweet potatoes, pasta, green beans, and bread. She will not eat anything off a spoon unless we let her do it herself, and she would much rather have a whole banana than slices.

She is not quite mobile yet, but she is thisclose to crawling. She gets on her hands and one knee, gets frustrated and falls down, and then immediately rolls over. I am sure it will be any day now, but I don't know that I am really ready to be chasing another one around just yet. 

Colette has started reaching for people she wants to hold her. She gives little hugs when I pick her up, and she loves to give open mouth kisses. I tell her all the time, and even Cullen has started telling her, that she is the sweetest little girl!

She also loves to be upside down and anything her big brother does. He will push her over and she just laughs and laughs. She is going to be a little dare devil who does anything her brother suggests. Again, so not ready for that!

At this age, I love the way she blows raspberries all the time and the way she kicks her feet when she gets super excited. I love the way she tries to suck her thumb and eat at the same time. I especially love that she is happy and eager to smile all the time. She was suffering through her first cold when we took these pictures, and you would never know by her joyful smile.

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