Colette: Nine Months

Friday, January 29, 2016

Nine months old. Three quarters of the way through her first year. How do they grow so quickly? Why is the time flying by?

Colette had he nine month well check earlier this week. She is 16 pounds, 15 ounces and 27.1 inches long: 28% for both! She is in 9 month and 6-12 month clothes. She is right on track for growth, which makes its easier to not worry so much about her progress with solid foods. She is still only eating the same foods as a month ago, and when she does eat, it's only a couple of bites. Our philosophy is still as long as we keep offering, she will eat when she is ready.

She finally got her first tooth a few weeks ago. The second followed soon after but is still barely there. Now if she would just start using those chompers for eating.

At nine months exactly, Colette was still not crawling. Not even a week later, she is mobile. It's a slow combination of scooting, turning in circles, and crawling, but she is moving. She is also pulling up on anything she can get her tiny hands on. Only up to her knees so far, but she is so proud every single time.

Her favorite activities include splashing in the tub, blowing raspberries, not sleeping, and playing with her brother's toys. If it's intended for an infant, it's super boring. If it's made for a three-year-old, she must play with it! She wants to do anything her big brother is doing, which spells trouble for us in a few months (if that long!)

She is growing so quickly, I'm trying to take note of little bits of her personality or quirks that I want to remember because I know they won't last long. Like the way she looks down at her legs  with frustration and determination when she is trying to crawl but her knees are not following. And the way she screams when she gets mad; it's very rarely a cry. She actually screams at us, and it would be super annoying if it wasn't so cute to see such a tiny thing get so mad. I love the way she talks with her hands, just like her Daddy. Or the way she leans over and looks around you if you are blocking something she wants to see (the TV in particular.)
I just love seeing her little personality develop. She is going to be spunky and sassy and will make her opinions known, but I think she will also keep a smile on her face and love those close to her with a big heart.
Happy Nine Months, Colette! We love you so much!!!

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