Cullen: Three Years Old

Saturday, March 5, 2016
Cullen has been three years old for over a month and a half now. I have been writing this post for as long. I am having a really hard time capturing in words everything I want to remember about Cullen at this age. I wish I could just follow him around with a video camera for a week, but I don't think that's very practical. So I'm going to do my best to express the very best things about this little boy.

I asked Cullen what some of his favorite things are, and these are his answers:

Favorite Thing to Watch: Curious George

Favorite Toy: Puzzles and Plus Plus Blocks

Favorite Food: Frosted Mini Wheats 

Favorite Place to Go: the park

What makes him laugh the most: silly noises and silly faces

In addition to his answers, he also still loves helping me in the kitchen. He will cook any chance he gets. And he likes helping take care of Macey. He fills her dog food bowl up almost every day; though it takes about 10 minutes because he fills it up five pieces at a time and asks "is this enough" over and over. I love how much he wants to help around the house and be involved in whatever we are doing.

But he is also into typical boy things. Its all planes, cars, bugs, and dirt around here. I can't even count how many times I've had to tell him to put a dead worm down. We have to stop and watch every plane that flies overhead. There are currently three dump trucks in our living room, and at any one time there are no fewer than fifteen Matchbox cars parked in our floor. And if he is awake he is going ninety miles an hour, jumping off furniture, and bouncing off the walls. I am now fully immersed in life with a boy and I wouldn't trade it for anything! 

Then there are those little things at every age that I want to remember forever. Small quirks or things he says that make us laugh every single time. Like how he says something is "degrossting" when he means disgusting. And the way he puts his hand on his chin and looks up when he thinking. How he walks around with his hand in his pocket like gown ups do. And how opinionated he is about what song is on the radio. The best is when he says "I look like a penguin" in a long drown out silly voice, most often when there is tension in the room. 

Cullen has fully embraced his roll as big brother. He takes his job very seriously and keeps a close eye on his little sister. He picks her up and moves her if he thinks she is going where she might be in danger. He tries to pick her up and put her in the stroller. He does his best to soothe her when she is upset. And he even shares his toys with her, almost always willingly. I knew from the first moment her saw her that he would love her with all of his heart, but it has been so much fun to see how he much fun he has taking care of her and playing with her. He definitely has those first born, take charge instincts, but in this case, it just melts my heart.

As sweet and loving as Cullen is, he is also truly a threenager. (Who came up with that term? It perfectly describes this age!) I don't know how one little boy can have so much sass and attitude. Lots of eye rolls and "uh, fine!" when we ask him to do something. And everything I say to him gets thrown back in my face. Things like "I told you that three times already!" It is really difficult to parent effectively when you want to laugh at everything they do, even when you shouldn't!

We love you so much Cullen! These past three years with you in our lives have been absolutely wonderful. I am so excited to see what God has planned for you and where life takes you as you grow!

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