Snow Day

Friday, May 20, 2016
Another of Colette's firsts that has been skipped over? Her first snow day. Which was back in February. Colette was not impressed, but she tolerated the cold white stuff on the ground. Much like Cullen's first and second snow days.

We only had snow on the ground for a few hours before it all melted away, but we all bundled up and had fun making snow angels, starting snowball fights, and trying to convince Colette it is fun to play with frozen water.

After we took all the cold we could handle, we headed inside for hot chocolate (which sadly, Cullen did not like) and snow cream. It was a pretty fun day, and fun to think back on. But if I'm being honest, one snow day a year is all we really need.

Christmas 2015

Thursday, May 19, 2016
So this past Christmas was Colette's first. And I have yet to write anything about it. Like everyone else, it is such a crazy time of year for us, and the day after Christmas, I jumped right into party planning mode for Cullen's third birthday. Mom fail and second child problems. So here goes. Its May and I'm going to share at least some pictures from our Christmas.

Cullen was a huge help in decorating the tree this year. He put most of the ornaments on and only moved one or two afterwards; he had near perfect ornament placement!

Cullen was so excite to wake Colette up for her first Christmas! But we made him wait until she woke up on her own. Then we let him go in to say "Good Morning" before we went downstairs to open gifts.

Their big joint gift from Santa was a play kitchen complete with pots, pans, and lots of food. It was the first thing they both went to and we had to pull them away long enough to open stockings and the other presents.

They did finally open their other gifts. We didn't go crazy with packages this year. In addition to their play kitchen, they each got something they needed (sippy cup for Colette and tennis shoes for Cullen), books to read, clothes to wear, and a couple of smaller toys. It was nice to take our time with each gift and they didn't feel overwhelmed with new toys.

After celebrating with just us, we had family over for lunch. It was a nice and easy Christmas day highlighted by good food, great time with family, and all the joy that comes with watching little ones celebrate and play. 

Maybe next year I won't be so late with this post, but who knows. As I'll share more in a post in the next week or so, we are taking time this year to slow down and enjoy the present, so I'm not going to stress over a late post or two. Merry (very late) Christmas!

Colette: Twelve Months

Wednesday, May 11, 2016
Where has the past year gone?

Colette seems to be as rough-and-tumble as her older brother. She is fearless and not afraid to get dirty. We are constantly pulling non-edible things out of her mouth, pulling her off of her older and much bigger brother, and stopping her from climbing on everything. Thankfully, Cullen helps keep an eye on her and keeps her in line. We cannot baby-proof enough!

Her growth is still right on track. She is just going to stay a tiny peanut, which is totally okay. We did find out at her twelve month well check that she is anemic, so she is on a daily iron supplement and a high-iron diet, which seems to be going well. But since calcium interferes with iron absorption, she is not allowed to have dairy. Poor little girl is having to go without her favorite food group: CHEESE! (OK, maybe I sneak her some occasionally. A girl has got to have cheese!) 

There haven't really been a lot of other changes over the last month. She has four teeth now, which she loves to bite with, biting fingers is especially hilarious. She has started blowing kisses, which is the cutest! Other than that, she is the same happy little girl. Getting into everything and cruising around the house. 

I think what I most want to remember about Colette about this age, is her sweet little laugh. I love hearing her laugh out loud in the backseat when we are in the car and Cullen makes silly faces and noises at her. She laughs when she is happy, when the tiniest thing is funny, and sometimes, just because she sees someone she loves.

Happy Birthday Colette! We love you so much!!!

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