Fresh Fruit Popsicles

Friday, June 17, 2016
I'm continually trying to find ways to sneak real fruits and vegetables into Cullen's diet (Colette will eat anything I put in front of her). I thought maybe letting Cullen help make popsicles with real fruit would be the perfect way. Lets call this a delicious fail.

After I cut up some fruit, Cullen filled the popsicle molds on his own. Then together we topped off the fruit with our favorite juice. We stuck them in the freezer, and he was so excited to get to try them the next day.

It turns out, I can't sneak anything past him. He ate the juice part of the popsicle and tossed the fruit.

Colette, on the other hand, can't get enough of them. She ate all the leftover fruit we had after making these and scarfs her mini popsicles in a flash.

Fresh Fruit Popsicle Recipe

Ingredients & Tools:

fresh fruit (we used strawberries blueberries, and kiwi)
fruit juice (we chose Simply Orange with Pineapple)
popsicle molds

Cut up fruit (smaller pieces for smaller popsicles).

Fill molds about halfway with fruit. 

Fill molds to the top with juice. 

Freeze and enjoy!

These were absolutely delicious, especially if you like tart. And a great alternative to an ice cream cone to cool off in the summer. I can't wait to try some different fruit next time. Maybe some pineapple or honeydew?

Easter 2016

Tuesday, June 14, 2016
It has been well over two months since Easter, and I just realized I skipped over that holiday over here too. I am really failing at this recording memories thing lately. Oh well.

We started our Easter morning by digging into baskets to see what the Easter bunny brought. They each got a couple of outfits and books. Cullen got some of his favorite candy, and Colette got a few new headbands.

Cullen wanted to eat his candy right away of course, and Colette was more impressed with the eggs.

After Church we went to my parents' for lunch and an egg hunt. We usually have a big get together with the whole extended family, but that didn't work out this year, so it was just Cullen and Colette hunting for eggs. And Colette fell asleep so Cullen hunted his eggs and then found some for his sister as well. He was just as excited to find eggs for her as he was for himself, which was just the sweetest!

In all that egg hunting, Cullen also came across a little inch worm. What could be more fun for a little boy than to let a worm inch its way across your arm?!

It was a low-key, simple Easter, but we had so much fun just being together. I am looking forward to next year and seeing Colette get in on the egg hunting fun!

Colette: Thirteen Months

Tuesday, June 7, 2016
Just popping in for a quick thirteen month update for Colette (a couple of weeks late!)

I love that we are getting to see so much of her personality these days. Happy almost all of the time. Most of the time, she is happy to play with Cullen or by herself. Occasionally she is extra clingy, but only if she is really tired. And she can be kind of loud when she gets mad; she won't hesitate to scream at me. Who knew such a tiny girl could make so much noise. But like I said, mostly happy and playful!

Her newest trick is blowing kisses. So sweet! Every once in a while, she will even give real, open-mouth kisses, but those are mostly reserved for the dog. 

He iron has almost come back up to normal levels, which means she doesn't have to be on an iron supplement too much longer, and she can have dairy again. Yay cheese!!! Colette is still eating everything we put in front of her. And she is doing great with weaning. I've stopped pumping at work and she drinks from a cup during the day. At this point, just nursing first thing in the morning and after dinner and right before bed.

She is thisclose to walking. Over the past week, she has taken a couple of steps here and there, so I'm sure it will be any day now that she just takes off! This little girl keeps us busy, but we love her so!

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