Colette: Thirteen Months

Tuesday, June 7, 2016
Just popping in for a quick thirteen month update for Colette (a couple of weeks late!)

I love that we are getting to see so much of her personality these days. Happy almost all of the time. Most of the time, she is happy to play with Cullen or by herself. Occasionally she is extra clingy, but only if she is really tired. And she can be kind of loud when she gets mad; she won't hesitate to scream at me. Who knew such a tiny girl could make so much noise. But like I said, mostly happy and playful!

Her newest trick is blowing kisses. So sweet! Every once in a while, she will even give real, open-mouth kisses, but those are mostly reserved for the dog. 

He iron has almost come back up to normal levels, which means she doesn't have to be on an iron supplement too much longer, and she can have dairy again. Yay cheese!!! Colette is still eating everything we put in front of her. And she is doing great with weaning. I've stopped pumping at work and she drinks from a cup during the day. At this point, just nursing first thing in the morning and after dinner and right before bed.

She is thisclose to walking. Over the past week, she has taken a couple of steps here and there, so I'm sure it will be any day now that she just takes off! This little girl keeps us busy, but we love her so!

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