Fresh Fruit Popsicles

Friday, June 17, 2016
I'm continually trying to find ways to sneak real fruits and vegetables into Cullen's diet (Colette will eat anything I put in front of her). I thought maybe letting Cullen help make popsicles with real fruit would be the perfect way. Lets call this a delicious fail.

After I cut up some fruit, Cullen filled the popsicle molds on his own. Then together we topped off the fruit with our favorite juice. We stuck them in the freezer, and he was so excited to get to try them the next day.

It turns out, I can't sneak anything past him. He ate the juice part of the popsicle and tossed the fruit.

Colette, on the other hand, can't get enough of them. She ate all the leftover fruit we had after making these and scarfs her mini popsicles in a flash.

Fresh Fruit Popsicle Recipe

Ingredients & Tools:

fresh fruit (we used strawberries blueberries, and kiwi)
fruit juice (we chose Simply Orange with Pineapple)
popsicle molds

Cut up fruit (smaller pieces for smaller popsicles).

Fill molds about halfway with fruit. 

Fill molds to the top with juice. 

Freeze and enjoy!

These were absolutely delicious, especially if you like tart. And a great alternative to an ice cream cone to cool off in the summer. I can't wait to try some different fruit next time. Maybe some pineapple or honeydew?

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