Colette: Fourteen Months

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Popping in here with a quick, very late fourteen month update for Colette.
At 14 months, she had just really started walking. For a few weeks, she only took a couple of steps a day. Then all of a sudden, almost over night, she just took off and hasn't looked back since. Crawling became a thing of the past. In all honesty, I'm glad she is more mobile and independent, but it is exhausting keeping up with a three year old and a babe that can now get into everything.

One of her most favorite things is carrying something (anything) on her arm. Bags, bracelets, hair bands, shoes; if she can put her arm through it, she will carry it around the house.

It has taken a while, but she is actually starting to enjoy books. She will finally sit in my lap and let me read. Usually though, she insists on turning the pages, which means we read books out of order, but that's fun too.

The sweetest thing is her new love for this bunny. She got it at Easter, but has just recently started to love on it. It now goes everywhere with us. She loves to give it hugs and snuggle with it when she is going to sleep.

The time is passing all too quickly, and this little girl is growing up. She is in full on toddler mode, and loving every minute of it!

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